Sights and Sounds of Taiwan

Kaohsiung City in Taiwan’s South is a mega city with lots to see and do. It is alive with history, culture, and religion. It is new and modern. It is one of the exciting places in Taiwan. Kaohsiung is the Harbor Capital of Taiwan. This is Taiwan’s major port and there is no other harbor as important in its commercial life. Kaohsiung is second in size only to Taipei. This Southern city has 2.7 million people.Kaohsiung city is one of the gateway cities to smaller islands and mountain areas. Come along as we explore what there is in Taiwan’s South.

One of the first places to go in any area of the island is the markets. Take your pick between the morning and the night market. They are each different and fun. Street food is magnificent at the night market. Shopping is fun and there is not much you can not find.

Liuho Night Market is a tourist market.Here you will find lots of souvenirs and things to take home. Like all markets, street food is everywhere. In Taiwan, learn to graze. Just eat your way through the market. Ruifeng Night Market is at the corner of YuCheng and Nanping. This is the number one market for locals. If you want an authentic Kaohsiung City experience, then you will love Ruifeng Night Market.

Leave the main part of Kaohsiung and take the ferry on over to Cijin Island. This is a beautiful island just made for bicycling. There are many different types and sizes of cycles and scooters. You are sure to enjoy your day. Tour the island, check out the park and explore the rocky coast with her beautiful lighthouse. There is nothing you can not get to by bike.

Be sure and explore Cijin Island Fish Market. The fish market has an amazing amount and variety of dried fish. Like all markets, you will be offered samples and then whatever you buy. Being a grazer is important in the life of the markets. Cijin Island is the place you will want to go for fresh seafood. It is amazing!

While on Cijin Island, catch a bite to eat. Some of the best food in the city is on the island. Eating on Cijin Island is an adventure in the art of Taiwanese Cooking. Some of the main places on the island you might consider are:

There are also numerous other small restaurants and sidewalk cafes on the island. If you enjoy just walking around the business district, you will see many small cafes. This is an island where the specialty is fish. They have some of the best fish in the country. Take out is really common throughout Cijin Island. Even if you are short on time, you can grab a take-out lunch and take it back to the mainland. Most hotel rooms have nice balconies to eat your lunch. You can even choose a buffet take-out that usually costs between 50 to 100 NT$. Most of the food is fried, with a mix of vegetables and meats. Taiwanese food is especially good.

One fun gift shop is Uncle Chuan’s Tea House. They have been there for over thirty years. They sell a variety of mountain grown teas and have many cups and teapots for sale. Enjoy this unique and trendy tea shop.

Lotus Lake/Lotus Pond is another really exciting place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. See the Dragon Temple with its rather colorful dragon door. You enter through the dragon and leave through the mouth of the Tiger. This is a colorful and fun lake with many temples and pagodas throughout. You can enjoy the Spring Autumn Pavilion, and explore Taiwan’s largest Confucius temple.It is simply beautiful. All of these places are active places of worship, so when looking at the fascinating architecture, remember to keep quiet out of respect for others.

During the daylight hours, the lake is covered with street food stalls selling food, drinks, and souvenirs to take home for gifts. Directly across the street from the Dragon Temple is a Taiwanese puppet shop. This is a fascinating small puppet shop. There is a huge selection of hand-made puppets to entertain you. There are lots of fine puppets that are just waiting to go home with you.

If you happen to be in Kaohsiung during the end of the year and the New Year celebration, check out the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival, at the closing of the Chinese New Year celebrations, You will see lots of lanterns of every variety. You will see many traditional lanterns, as well as some that are modern. There is a fireworks show done nightly on the Love River, The Kaohsiung Harbor is alive with the celebration during this time. There are lots of good Taiwanese street food stands everywhere. You will also find concerts and art programs at the stage area.

For a fun day of thrilling adventure hike Monkey Mountain. Enjoy the view of Kaohsiung City and Cijin Island. The ocean is beautiful from the top of Monkey Mountain. Beware of these cute and playful monkeys. They love to steal hikers’ food, drinks, and they especially love cameras. There are signs warning not to feed the monkeys. Some monkeys are so nice and others are mean. Some will attack if they see or smell food. This is a fun hike and these monkeys are a bundle of joy to watch from a safe distance.

There is also a fun and informative zoo on the top of Monkey Mountain. They have a nice but small selection of exotic animals for your enjoyment. There are lots of hiking trails around the zoo on the mountain. It is a fun place to go to relax from city life. Grab your hiking shoes and head for the mountain.

If you can not get by without a shopping trip, get on over to the Dream Mall. This is the largest mall in Taiwan. It is the second largest in Asia. If you can not find it at the Dream Mall, you may not find it anywhere. The kids will have a blast on the Ferris wheel that is located on the roof. Now that is a view!

This is just some of the highlights of things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This is a fun and lively city. There are many more places to eat, museums to explore, parks to relax in, and just fun places. There are many Buddhists temples and monasteries. Fo-Kwang Shan Monastery is one of the largest Buddhist Monasteries in Taiwan. You will even find Taiwan’s second tallest building in Kaohsiung.

This tall sky-scrapper is the second tallest on the island. There are art exhibits, and beaches that are fun and amazing. The Dome of Light is a public artwork in the Formosa Boulevard MRT Station. it is the world’s largest collection of stained glass. The dome is divided into four sections. These sections represent water, earth, light, and fire. You will find marvelous artwork in this MRT station. It is so convenient too!

This is a fun city and there is so much to do. So grab the family and head to Kaohsiung for a day of family fun. Start with a morning trip to Cijin Island, followed by lunch. Then enjoy many other activities throughout the city. End a perfect day with room service at the hotel. Grab those hiking shoes and go.

Chiang Kai-shek National Concert Hall

Chiang Kai-shek National Concert Hall and The National Theater are twin performing arts buildings at Liberty Square in Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan. The Chiang Kai-shek National Concert Hall was completed in 1987. Standing off to the east is the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. The Memorial Hall is the main building at the square and is absolutely beautiful with its dark blue roof. The square is called Liberty Square. Indeed it is a daily reminder to all of the liberty that this island nation enjoys.

Chiang Kai-shek National Concert Hall and The National Theater have a constant flow of special events by Taiwanese and international artists throughout the year. Each of the structures can have two events going simultaneously. What an amazing resource for the residents of Taiwan.

Taipei is easily reached from anywhere on this small island. With its quality transportation system, there is little need for a car of your own. Both the High-Speed rail and the Traditional Rail Service run regularly from the city of Taipei. This is one of the world’s best transportation systems.

This outstanding transportation system makes it easy for anyone on the island, no matter where they live to catch dinner and a concert. There are many reasonable hotels near Liberty Square if people prefer to spend the night and return the following day. Chiang Kai-shek National Concert Hall is available for all to enjoy. It is a gift to the people of Taiwan.

Chiang Kai-shek National Concert Hall is in the Boai (also called Zhongzheng) District of Taipei. The buildings are in the traditional Chinese Palace style. The gold roof with the beautiful edges is eye-catching. It is completed with Chinese red columns and beautiful arches. What elegance! The architecture is interesting. It is artistic! It is a significant landmark in Taipei, Taiwan.

Liberty Square is the people’s square. There is so much to do at the square. Take time to visit the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Remember how precious any nations freedom is. Then take a walk in the park-like setting of the square. How peaceful the grounds are. Relax from a stressful day! Read a book! Eat your lunch. Then grab tickets for one of the special events going on. With both The Chiang Kai-shek National Concert Hall and The Chiang Kai-shek National Theater located at the square, it is easy to relax and catch the next show. No one is more than a few hours from home.

Make this the month you do something special for the family. Get the family and take the train to Taipei, it is time for a concert at Chiang Kai-shek Concert Hall. For those who don’t like concerts, no worries, catch a performance at the theater. The choice is yours. The options are plentiful. The time for a Liberty Square Adventure is now!

Happy Cats At The Markets

Happy cats are in every market in Taiwan! What makes Taiwan’s cats so happy? Taiwan is a small island nation. It is hard to get too far from the sea. There is sea on every side. How fantastic for Taiwan’s many market cats. Can you even imagine sitting on your stool and waiting for the scraps of fish and meat that is sure to come? Oops, there goes a mouse! But why bother? That is work! This kitty is fat and not too sassy. And he knows if he just sits and waits, a better morsel will be coming.

Mr. Chen is hard at work, it is early yet and the buyer has just arrived at the market. There is lots of pork and beef to cut. You can hear the sound of the knives, as he is working hard to get ready for the opening of the market. Lots of bits and pieces of meat and fat just laying there. That is great for the market cat. For now, it is happy napping. He is waiting for his dish that will soon follow. Then it will be time to slowly crawl back to his stool in the sun. Such a feast can be only be followed by a second morning nap. Market cats are happy cats in Taiwan.

Jane has been working all morning making soup. Here comes her first customer of the day. Her happy cat, Henry, is catching a pre-breakfast nap. Her first customer comes and goes. What to do with the leftover fish soup? Why give it to her happy cat, course. And so the day goes, and the cats of the market get happier and fatter by the hour. Starvation is not an option for the happy cats of the markets of Taiwan. They may need, instead, need to go on a diet. Maybe they will diet tomorrow, but for today, they are busy being well fed at the market.

Taiwan’s happy cats get lots of love. Think of all the people who come and go. Many are cat lovers! The people of Taiwan love to talk and stroke these mellow cats. After all, how rowdy can a market cat be? He can hardly see his toes!

And so goes the legacy of the happy cat! Their days are filled waiting for the next tasty morsel. Their nights are for dreaming what tomorrow will bring? And such is the life of the cats of the market. These are happy cats, in the marketplace. So goes each day….eat, sleep, and eat some more. The market cats get happier as the day by.

Papaya Trees Of Taiwan

Papaya Trees grow all over tropical Taiwan. They also grow throughout the tropical world. They are a beautiful tree with large leaves. Due to their large leaves, they do take a large amount of water. The tropics provides just the right amount.

The papaya tree will give you large 1 pound fruits that are loaded with fiber and other nutrients. If you live in zone 9 or 10, they will grow as long as you have good soil, fertilize regularly, and give lots of water. You can even grow in large pots and have fruit. Just don’t let too many flowers grow into fruit if your tree is small. It is a wonderful year to bring a touch of Taiwan and her Papaya Trees home to your yard or terrace.

What is so special about these tropical trees? The fruit has a lot of fiber and it contains more than a day’s recommended amount of Vitamin C in just one serving. This is a larger amount of Vitamin C than either the Orange or the Lemon. What a powerhouse!

It also has a large amount of Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to keep your eyes strong and working correctly. It has lots of antioxidant properties. They work hard to go after free radicals in your body that bring disease. Vitamin A helps to give you the skin of a baby.

The Papaya Tree has a fruit that not only tastes good, but that is loaded with the B complex. The B Vitamins keep the body running smoothly. They are used a lot and must constantly be replenished. They are a major player in keeping your metabolism running correctly.

The fruit of the Papaya Tree has a large amount of Potassium. Potassium keeps the heart working correctly and the blood pressure is kept under control with the aid of Potassium.

One note here on the seeds of the Papaya Tree: Of course most of us know that you should never throw the seeds away to an Organic Papaya, you can plant new trees. But what many don’t know is that Natural Doctors have used these seeds for years. Doctors of Natural Medicine has been using these seeds for centuries. They are helpful in the control of parasites and ringworm. They work as an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic. They are excellent for treating the stomach ache. The seeds are soft and can be put in the blender and then added to smoothies or juices. What a valuable fruit!

Just when you thought that all the uses of the Papaya tree are on the table, there is yet another one for the home gardener. It doesn’t matter whether the trees are in the ground or in pots, they have huge leaves. When we have plants that are sensitive to the sun, we place them under the canape of the Papaya Tree. The big monstrous leaves will shield these little delicate plants from the hot tropical sun. An awesome way to use what you already have to help care for the new and delicate seedlings.
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