Super Mario Run Review, Price, Specs

super mario run

Super Mario is ready to land on iOS. It will be with a new game, a running game called Super Mario Run. The presentation was conducted by the father of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, who is also responsible for Zelda and other creations. The gameplay will be a bit typical of the running game, with our main character Mario who will run automatically and we will be responsible to perform the jumps and the various actions at the right time, with a simple tap on the screen. The aim is naturally collect more pennies as possible.

Simple controls, then, but fun is enhanced by the new PvP challenge mode with endless asynchronous call Toad Rally. We can choose our opponent from a list of online players of course will be including our friends, and compete against their ghost trying to score the most points ever.

With the coins we can then customize our personal realm, it is buying the facilities attracting various Toad and impressing with our acrobatic moves in Toad Rally mode. The game will be available soon in time for the holiday shopping period, said Miyamoto and, a very important detail, that it will not contain in-app purchases.

It will have a fixed price, but at the time was not announced. For now it seems that it will be only on iOS, in particular the iPhone, but the phrase used by Miyamoto leaves only hypothesize a period of exclusivity. In addition, it will come a theme sticker set by Mario to use on iMessage.

There was only one man who could show up on stage at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium during the keynote of Apple and speak Japanese Shigeru Miyamoto. The father of Super Mario, one of the most important men of the contemporary gaming, went to San Francisco to present in person one of the greatest revolutions for two of the most important companies in the world: Super Mario Run .

With its air typically sly and quiet, Shigeru Miyamoto announced the first Super Mario game on the iPhone, even if it is a much simpler game of the platform to which we played years ago: here Mario runs alone like a fool, we just have to jump and collect coins by tapping the screen. More than a platform is a game of skill that you can play one-handed, as pointed out by the Japanese designer.

You can play it when you're on the subway or in the handrail, while eating a hamburger or maybe an apple, jokes Miyamoto. In the game there is also a multiplayer mode, a Battle mode, as they call the Japanese in which two players compete to collect as many coins on the framework while collecting the Toad figurines scattered under.

The information is still a few, we only know that the release will take place in the course of 2016 in time for the holidays, as Miyamoto says, but already we can see a small revolution in the world of gaming, enhanced by another news revolution of the Pokémon Go landing on Watch.

Currently the iPhone has half a million games and is the most used console in the world, notes Tim Cook on stage, and the beautiful, that few have noticed, is that Nintendo says it with a few steps away from him. He'll say up front that the wind has changed and it says just as her, the one who spread the idea of global console. Super Mario Run in short, is more than a game and is a revolution of which we now see only a dim glow.