New trend from Indonesia: What does Om Telolet Om mean?

If you love electronic music, you will be asked, what does Om Telolet Om mean? In recent days, many of the most famous DJs have posted on social media this sentence. From Zedd to Martin Garrix to Alesso The Chainsmokers, they all sounded the motto Om Telolet Om in the world of dance on Twitter.

Mysteriously, last Tuesday evening many DJs and producers have started to tweet in chorus this strange sentence, which has spread immediately among fans and users of Instagram and Twitter.

Om Telolet Om is a saying that comes from Indonesia and means to sound the horn, sir. Telolet indicates the typical sound of the bus horn used by Indonesians, comparable to a kind of horn. Om means lord or uncle. Children in Jakarta would ask the driver of the bus to ring the horn, and then explode into shouts of joy when they accept their request.

Om Telolet Om

This viral phenomenon was born after a video was posted on Facebook, where you can see just this custom. The Indonesian children write Om Om Telolet even on the signs to get noticed by drivers.

But when and why it has become viral? At noon on December 20, the most famous DJs in the world began for no apparent reason tweeting Om Telolet Om. The conversation was joined by followers and artists eager to understand its meaning.

In addition to asking the drivers to play this typical horn, now, via social media, Indonesia's kids are craving the most famous DJs to remix the sound, making it a viral phenomenon. In fact, the sound is hilarious and very unusual! The involvement of the DJs seems to be reconnected to a call for the sound of a future successful hit and the new catchphrase comes from Indonesia? Who knows.