Nokia 150 Review, Price, Specs

The wait is over, the new Nokia-branded phones are coming. 2017 will mark the return of Nokia in the field of mobile phones. The first device is the Nokia 150, which apparently will not jump to the couch of all fans. It is, in fact, a traditional phone, not a smartphone. Nokia 150 will be the first mobile phone company to peep on the market in 2017.

There's only one problem that is to inaugurate the new era of the Finnish brand in the field of telephony will not be a Android smartphone nor the glorious N series nor a remake of the old Lumia Windows Phone, but Nokia 150 is in the old phone mold, which is super compact and ultra cheap. It will not be, however, a smartphone, but an old-fashioned device.

The announcement was given by HMD, a company formed to produce and market smartphones under the Nokia brand name. Built by Chinese FIH Mobile, Nokia 150 and its Dual SIM variant featurephone, supplied by Nokia Series 30 operating system and equipped with a small 2.4-inch low-resolution display, physical buttons and numeric keypad, built-in FM radio, Bluetooth and very few features from smartphones, among which are a MP3 player, support for microSD cards and a camera with LED flash.

According to HMD, which holds the rights to sell Nokia phones, the new device is designed to have good talktime, just like the phones of the past, in addition to being durable, just like old Nokia, and be able to withstand the daily stresses. It is equipped with a battery that will offer, at least according to HMD, 22 hours of talk time, with a range of standby of 31 days. There will be two versions of a normal single-SIM and dual-SIM variant. The only difference between the two models, as well as the more sim slots, is given by the fact that the battery, on the Dual Sim model, will be about 25 days in standby.

The phone is in addition to the Nokia 105, Nokia 216 and Nokia 230 that came on the market from the Microsoft management and will be offered in selected markets which include Europe at a recommended price of $ 26, but it is not representative of the entire offering that HMD has in the pipeline for the future.

As anticipated, the Nokia brand will be returning to camp even on smartphones from 2017 and to learn about the parallel developments of this story you should therefore wait until next year.