How To Go Live On Instagram

Instagram Live Video

Take inspiration from the most popular features of the competitors and integrate them on your platform. This, in brief, is the work that Facebook is doing in Instagram, since its acquisition in 2012. It is not a coincidence that there have been multiple updates in recent years than in the entire previous life of the social network of photos. With Zuckerberg over your shoulder it is all easier.

The latest addition is called Instagram Live Video, a service that only partially resembles that of Facebook. For here the maximum duration has the 60 minute limit, and in Snapchat style when finished, the content vanishes into thin air. It cannot be saved on the profile of the person who shot, not even keep it private. The option of privacy on which the main competitor Snapchat has built its fortune on live videos is volatile and transient, fast and dynamic, like the social life of the youngsters.

But before Instagram arrived, Periscope is based on a similar concept with every live video remains in the feed for a limited time even if you can post it again on Facebook and especially Twitter, which is the owner of Periscope. On the other hand what happens Snapchat remains on Snapchat only.

How To Go Live On Instagram

To go live On instagram, when the update will arrive, just enter its history, or the upper section where you can see the temporary images of friends, only available for 24 hours, and press the "Live" button instead of shooting picture or recording a video. At this point, the contacts will be able to watch the live broadcast for the actual period in which it occurs. Once you click on "stop" you lose it entirely, which will never return. Do not worry you will be notified when a contact initiates a live video while the "Explore menu" will simplify the knowledge of those already gone live.

Even direct messages will self-destroy

A second change concerns the photos and videos that vanish in private messages and groups. If until now sending multimedia elements was designed to work like a traditional chat box that is, everyone could see them repeatedly, you can now take advantage of the temporary mode also in "restricted" communication, within Stories. To do that you have to shoot or record a video and, instead of clicking on "My Story", choose the bottom arrow pointing to the right.

In the next window you can choose the people or groups that you can send to. The content will be visible once, and then become blank. The same goes for messages received from others. In fact we found that you can hold the icon and choose "look again", but it is only for a replay.

The app update with extemporaneous direct messages is already in progress and you should have received it from the Play Store and App Store on Android and iOS.