Best Places to Visit in December

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Where to go on vacation in December? From Laos to Mexico, from Lapland to Cambodia, here is the best places to visit in December. Are you already tired of the cold and work stress that inevitably come after the summer holidays? Thinking now about where to go on vacation in December?
Booking in advance can help save money on air tickets, and allow you to better plan the stages of your journey. Here are some ideal destinations to go in December depending on climate or the Christmas celebrations, from Africa to Mexico, from Laos to Finland.

Culture and Sole - Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you want to go on vacation in December to get away from clement temperatures, then what best than Chiang Mai, to combine business with pleasure? Here the average temperatures are around 21 degrees with a Mediterranean spring, in short, but with nights that touch the 16 degrees. Not only that Chiang Mai is the most historical part of Northern Thailand.

Here you can arrange to visit the villages of hill tribes such as Akha, the Karen, the Lahu, Hmong, or you can visit the national parks including the highest mountain in Thailand. Also local crafts is remarkable, for shopaholics!

The feast of St. Lazarus - Havana, Cuba

On 17 December in the shrine of St. Lazarus, on the outskirts of Havana, El Rincon, 50,000 faithful parade to honor the saint who devoted himself to the lepers and the poor. Once banned by Castro, this festival has returned with vengeance in 1961. The faithful come to the shrine on their knees or with bare feet, exhausted by mileage.

You do not have to do it too, of course, but it's definitely a moving occasion to testify. To reach the place, you'll have to take a train from Havana. Do not miss out on visiting El Cacahual, where is located the open-air mausoleum of General Antonio Maceo, Cuban independence hero. Want to go to the sea in December? Then Cuba is a must as the beaches of Varadero are amazing!

Not only the beach - Miami, United States

Also for those looking for a holiday in the sun in December with a summer that lasts all year round, Miami is the best places to visit in december in USA and the ideal place to celebrate (or almost) a different Christmas than usual. A destination to enjoy on a sunny beach, with a very respectable gastronomic landscape, the choice of international cuisine is virtually endless.

With prestigious art galleries, Miami will offer you a complete and satisfactory break from your routine. Fans of graffiti and photography can take a trip to Wynwood Walls, an outdoor museum with the biggest artists of the road of the world.

Architecture and nature - Cape Town, Africa

At the foot of the beautiful Table Mountain (technically called Tafelberg), Cape Town was the first European settlement in South Africa. An ideal destination for lovers of architecture, this is the best time to appreciate the profiles as temperatures in December range from 15 to 25 degrees where old buildings in colonial Cape Dutch in the colonial Boer style (so called because in large part the Boers or Afrikaners were of Dutch origin), skyscrapers and nature live in harmony.

Spanish colors - Las Palmas, Canary Islands

With minimum temperatures of 17 degrees up to a maximum of 23, the Canaries are the answer to the rigid European winter and is one of the best places to visit in december for honeymoon. This city is beautiful and charming with the beautiful beaches of Las Canteras and Las Alcaravaneras, its maze of narrow streets and a special atmosphere given by the melting pot of ethnicities and religions. The Vegueta district is the oldest district of the city and has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1990.

Ancient temples - Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Cambodia has a very humid climate, but this time even if the heat is felt, it gets up to 31 degrees and the humidity is forgiving and is one of the best places to visit in december in asia. It is therefore the ideal time to visit one of the most beautiful sites of Cambodia, Angkor Wat, the largest religious complex in the world which covers about 400 square kilometers of land.

This archaeological park was once the center of the Kingdom of Khmer and was originally created as a Hindu temple, which then gradually became a Buddhist one after the end of the 12th century. The site includes temples, hydraulic structures and roads. It is a unique destination in which to enjoy a different experience from the usual, discovering new landscapes and cultures with our eyes.

Monuments and spectacular nature - Laos

Do you have some time to spare? So why not extend your trip from Cambodia to Laos? Forget the efficient carriage to which you are accustomed, the amenities that there are never missed, and enjoy patiently every adventure now immersed in incredible scenery. Visiting Laos in December is a great idea for favorable temperatures.

Backpack and get ready to go from the capital Vientiane to discover the impressive Pha That Luang, to enjoy a boat trip on the Mekong, the Nam Song, the cascade of Tat Kuang Si and the Luang Prabang town. A trip you will not forget.

The Christmas markets - Nuremberg, Germany

The winter would not be winter without Christmas markets. If the you like the cold, do try to have an excuse to get away and do some shopping in the Christkindlesmarkt in Bavaria, on the Friday before Advent Sunday until December 24. This market of Nuremberg held in the main square of the city, the Hauptmarkt, has 200 stalls and two million visitors every year.

It is a very old market that dates back to 1620. Here people take Christmas very seriously with the decoration of the stalls cannot be made of plastic and goods for sale must have a close relationship with Christmas and the tradition of the Christmas market in Nuremberg. Here you will find crafts and art, but not electronic devices, balloons, fireworks and war games!

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Mexico City, Mexico

The day of Our Lady of Guadalupe (the Virgin Mary) is celebrated in Mexico City on December 12 in the Basilica dedicated to her. In 1531 she appeared on Tepeyac hill in front of a Christian convert named Juan Diego and to her are attributed many miracles, so many that she has become the patron saint of Mexico.

In the vicinity of the Santa festival is celebrated with a long pilgrimage to the Basilica, where she appeared several times. It's a veritable feast with stalls offering food and craft products, and Mexicans dance and bring flowers for their girlfriends. Prefer the sea in December? Since you're in Mexico, you can make a trip to Cancun or Tulum for a few days of sun, sand and sea.

The Bedouins of the desert - Douz, Tunisia

Forget the European Christmas. In Tunisia, the sun shines and the nomads of the Sahara desert celebrate their culture and is one of the best places to travel in december for warm weather. Forget the stereotypical image of mysterious and shy Bedouins.

Here they take the camel ride, hunt rabbits with hounds and is celebrated in the tents of Bedouins, where the people gather in the evening to listen to Tunisian, Algerian and Palestinian stories and poems. In this period here you can collect the outstanding dates of Douz for the sweet tooth to indulge!

Festin Santa Claus - Finland

Where to go in December in the cold? Maybe you want to experience super Christmas, especially an adventure in the snow and Christmas lights. None better than Santa Claus will welcome you in this magical time.

Go to his house, at the home of Santa. Rovaniemi in Finland is certainly not the easiest destination to reach for those who love the snow, but who does not love the snow certainly will not stand reading this paragraph. Thus armed with padded and sturdy boots fly to Finland, for it is the coolest destination in the list of where to go in December.

Try to go in the snow in December but only if the cold is not excessive? Stay in Helsinki then as the Christmas experience is then guaranteed, but slightly in more bearable conditions. Sure, you'll have to give up a December between reindeer and elves, remaining a little more down to earth in a beautiful capital of northern Europe and is one of the best places to visit in december in europe.

Greece travel Santorini honeymmon wallpaper images

Where to go in December to warm - Santorini

Those who want to go in December to enjoy the sun because of the cold can opt for southern Europe. Flow to the south, where lives the sun with a visit to Greece in the off-season and make your trip in December to discover a tourist destination, with famous cuisines from the world at your disposal and a bit of sun, probably, you will find it - God forbid!

Leave room in your suitcase for souvenirs and other local products that you will not say no in the new year. Greece is one of the best warm places to visit in December 2016.

Target low cost - Brussels

Although the period around Christmas is not exactly cheap to travel, there are still best places to travel in december on a budget that will make you save money with low cost destinations in December. Fly to Brussels to discover the Belgian cuisine, the picturesque streets, one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, and the European atmosphere that you cannot miss.

If you have many days to spare, do not miss two stages reached by train of Gent and Bruges with characteristic and welcoming landscapes and a cold Christmas to be accompanied with a cup of hot chocolate indoors in one of the small vintage downtown bars.

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