Death Stranding Price, Download, System Requirements

Kojima Productions, backed by Sony, has given us a glimpse of Death Stranding. The trailer, as was to be expected, as the project is still very young, did not give us an idea of how it will perform the gameplay, but introduced us to its subjects as the future depends on us, the generation that is currently treading the planet. The protagonist, played by Norman Reedus, see her baby disappear off in a world in ruins, submerged oil and from memory, where effectively the space for the new generations is there.

A theme that looks strong, and married the words that Kojima spoke a few months ago during an interview, when he declared that with his new project, he wanted to tell a very dramatic and significant history, because it is what people expect from him. On the same occasion, Kojima also know that he will deal with all the minutiae of the case also in the gameplay, when he explained that " the story or gameplay? Both. I want to create something that gives so much freedom and interaction.

As I have done in the past, I want to create something I have a very strong story, very dramatic. that's what people want from me, and that's what I do. it would be easier if I could just focus on one or the other, but the people, by me, want them both. Promises that will obviously have to maintain, given the aforementioned partnership with Sony, which convinced him to work on a AAA title although, initially, after bidding farewell to Konami, had thought of launching into smaller projects and disengaged.

Regarding the gameplay, the game designer has unbalanced really very little, just letting you know that the game will be an action, it will not be open world and should appeal to fans of The Division and the series Uncharted. Clues that sound almost difficult to put together, and that can only leave us eager to discover what are the mechanics of this new adventure.

Although Kojima has said they do not want to even tell what the third-party engine with which they created the game, it is interesting to note that the suggestive trailer, as pointed out on the stage, is entirely in-engine. The quality is remarkable, especially, in the scenarios, while reciting Reedus, found after the collapse of the project Silent Hills, needs no introduction, and succeeds through the engine to fully express the strong emotions of which the trailer is pregnant.

We know that Death Stranding is being built by a team of about a hundred people, and that, to be able to give the best of themselves, the game designer has shot numerous software companies in the world, in search of the best technologies that could support it. Among the members of the team are Kojima himself the iconic artist, Yoji Shinkawa and Ken-ichiro Imaizumi, who followed after her divorce from Konami.

Some time ago, during an interview, the same game designers claimed to feel upon himself all the anxiety of a large fully new product project for Sony, with whom he has always been very good relations, but to be strongly motivated to do his best, even and especially after the controversy that arose following the release of Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain, result unfortunately unable to make fully into the hearts of fans of the series.

A story that belongs to the past, however, as Kojima and Metal Gear are no longer the same thing and that, to question you about, the same leader of Kojima Productions said that they are now working on a new game, a whole new way. And the hope of the fans is that, after the success of his historical saga that, together with him, is the Olympus entered the world of video games, Hideo Kojima is ready to repeat itself.

The presence of Hideo Kojima on stage of Sony, after the game designers declared that the game was still in its infancy, has taken us completely by surprise. Death Stranding was instead shown a strong trailer and full of personality, which highlights once again the film calling and directing the game designer, able in a few minutes to convey emotions and reflections. The return of Reedus is certainly welcome, and there is no doubt that Kojima will work on the project with all the ambition and the care that had already promised in previous interviews.

He said so himself, and summarizes it all: I'm back. Then, he wrote it in the trailer, perhaps as reassurance, surely with a certain air of pride that those who have followed the controversy with Konami will take: A Hideo Kojima Game. A few words that, alongside the trailer, fill us with optimism and interest in this project, on which we will continue to refer all the details in the coming months.