Recipe Ideas for a Perfect Christmas

The days are getting shorter and enjoyment is in the foreground. So the preparation time for Christmas Eve and the perfect holiday menu begins. Christmas recipes delight both the body and soul. It does not matter if you prefer fish, meat or egg dishes at Christmas, here you can find your favorite recipe. So that you can take a breather between and do not have to stand at the stove for a long time.

Decorate your Christmas bakery with festive decoration. Whether with sugar, glaze, fondant or powdered sugar. With a little patience and skill, you can create delicious works of art for the festival. In the Advent season, cookies should not be missing. Bake together with family and friends your favorite varieties. Especially important in cookie baking is the decoration of the biscuits.

Have fun until Santa Claus arrives with a harmonious Christmas dinner. At Christmas, culinary traditions are often cultivated. Stuffed goose roast, trout and lamb shank are Christmas classics that please everyone.

On Christmas Eve we want to spend a lot of time with family and friends, but still, conjure a feast on the table. Well-prepared Christmas recipes ease the holiday dinner. It also allows more time with our loved ones.

Father, mother, grandma, grandpa, nephews, and nieces. There are many visits on the Christmas program. Roast, trout and baked apple rarely come alone. Combined with pumpkin puree, bread dumplings or root gratin, these are eye-catchers. An advantage on the side is with delicious side dishes no one goes home with a growling stomach.

And the sweet comes to the end. A good dessert completes the lush Christmas menu succeeded. Cream, mascarpone, compote and ice cream are waiting to get tasted. Have fun while munching.

Winter aperitifs are perfect for opening a Christmas menu. The colorful cookies or opulent cakes sweetens the Christmas ambiance. Whether square or round, Christmas biscuits are available in many shapes and colors.

Cream towers, cream layers or crumb cake? The Christmas dessert is the sweet highlight of the party! The stollen can get found on many coffee tables around Christmas time. Peppered with raisins, marzipan or poppy, the unique taste add to the Christmas spirit.

Sausages and potato salad are, of course, the number one favorite Christmas Eve food. Fine soup, winter salads or fish - our recipes for Christmas starters are the perfect prelude to the feast. Christmas dinner with meat is the classic on the decorated table.

At Christmas, it's all about spending time with loved ones. What could be more appropriate than combining it with a delicious meal? Christmas recipes are very diverse and offer everything from sweet to hearty ones.

Christmas is well known as the celebration of love, family, and friends. They are sure to enjoy delicious dishes prepared with care and from the heart. Christmas is the time in which we feast and enjoy to the heart's content with the family and friends. Do not worry, we do not want to persuade you to count calories at Christmas. A slice of quark tunnels, poppy seeds or would you prefer a classic Christmas stollen?

Christmas is the feast of good food. Gingerbread belongs to Christmas like the Christmas tree. Whether gingerbread heart or gingerbread house - they get baked before Christmas. What would be the winter and Christmas without delicious and fragrant baked apples? With only a few tricks you can conjure up the baked apple fillings and bring variety to the table.

Homemade Christmas presents are very popular. Especially when it comes to small delicacies from their own kitchen. It's supposed to be the best party of the year, but Christmas often ends in stress. Especially if you expect the whole family for Christmas dinner, you can hardly rest. Stop it! With our tips for a successful Christmas menu, you can enjoy Christmas relaxed.

Where can you best celebrate this anticipation for Christmas? Of course at the Christmas market! After Christmas, are leftover cookies and you have no idea what you can do with it?

A fresh snowy winter landscape and fine flavors. Did you use to sit in the kitchen with your grandmother in the kitchen? When she put a plate of the most festive cookies on the table in front of you, were not you the happiest child in the world?

Unfortunately, my grandmothers have not lived for a long time. I never got to know one of them. For the other, I spent a large part of my childhood. As it is, I did not appreciate her at that time. I'm sure she had many gray hairs on her head owing to my naughty acts.

When I was 14 years old, she passed away. And only afterward did I become aware of grandmothers being a precious treasure. What remains are the memories of her good heart, her innumerable wise sayings. And her outstanding cooking and baking skills.

She did not dare to do any great experiments in the kitchen, as she relied on the tried and tested. But she mastered this with a simple perfection. Despite all the attempts of her children, her recipes will remain forever.

This also applies to the Christmas cookies. At Christmas time I would eat sweets anyway if parents and grandparents had not watched it. It is unclear where the custom of baking cookies at Christmas time actually comes from. One only knows that even in pre-Christian times biscuits got eaten as a pagan offering. The Christian missionaries then interpreted the pagan Solstice celebration for Christmas. And the symbolic biscuits of our ancestors for Christmas cookies.

The baking of cookies belongs to the Christmas time as the Advent wreath and the Christmas tree. But the origins of biscuit baking are older than the feast itself. Already around 500 BC, these biscuits were often used for gifts on festive occasions.

The fragrance of vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, gingerbread, and tea is in many households. From the bread doughs developed over time smaller pastry forms, which were now also sweet. Such pastries - if sweetened with sugar got reserved for the upper classes. In rural areas, one could only sweeten with honey. Here there was gingerbread. Around the middle of the 19th century, beet sugar replaced expensive cane sugar. Then small bakeries became accessible to other layers.

Christmas recipes from all over the world


There are no cookies and biscuits like Brazil because due to the heat there, the dough would melt. One aspect of Christmas that has not changed is the dinner on Christmas Eve. In the families then come different nuts and dried fruits such as figs, chestnuts, and dates.


For the children, there are the Piñatas. Nine decorated clay pots, which get lowered from the ceiling of the church by strings after the fair. The vessels hide fruits and sweets. Blindfolded, young worshipers smash the piñatas and eat their contents. One of many cake recipes for Christmas is the banana cake.


Like us, the families come together in Nigeria at Christmas. But, there is nothing sweet to eat. The food here is not spiced with spicy chili and spices. The national dish is the so-called "Kulikuli", spicy hearty peanut cakes.

South Africa

A typical recipe from the wine lands in the Cape Town area is the malva pudding.


The most famous Far Eastern pastries are the fortune cookies. They are even made for New Year's Eve with messages for the New Year.


The dinner "Sviata Vecheria" (holy meal) begins with the appearance of the first star in the east. For the twelve-course meal, the family gathers. The family eldest bites off each member with a blessed piece of bread dipped in honey. This gesture expresses gratitude for the gifts and the request for further blessings. The first course is always "Kutia", a dessert with poppy seeds. It is the most important food of the whole dinner.

Christmas dinner in Austria

In Carinthia, a pig gets slaughtered before Christmas and is then eaten on Christmas Eve. The peasant women bake a so-called Quatemberbrot, in which a figure is also baked. Often a circle gets pressed in on top of the bread and in the middle of it a triangle, all symbols of the eye of God. At Christmas, pieces of this bread are then distributed to the servants. Besides to the festive pig, there are often steamed dumplings eaten with honey lard.

Many people follow the tradition of wind feeding. To do this, people put a plate of flour outside the window. A good sign is if it is empty the next day after the flour gets blown away by the wind. This is a good sign for the new year to prevent bad storms. At Christmas, a roast on the table is a must. This may be a fat goose or duck with abundant stuffing or a nice piece of fish. That can as well be the classic Christmas carp. Or a hearty traditional meal like black pudding with sauerkraut.

In Lower Austria, a hearty soup gets made from white cabbage, potatoes, cumin, lard, eggs and sour cream. A typical pastry is the Kletzenbrot. Kletzen refers to various dried fruits.

In Carinthia in the Lesach Valley, the farmers make a cake from yeast dough. The dough is plate-sized and baked in fat. Every baked pastry dish is full of poppy seeds or blueberries. Then the individual discs get stacked on top of each other. Finally, melted butter is also poured over it. It is then divided into pie-like pieces and everyone gets a piece on Christmas Eve to eat.

From Upper Austria come the well-known short pastry biscuits stuffed with red jam. Also typical is the Mostkekse, which get their special taste by the addition of a regional drink.

In Styria, the cookies consist of almonds, sugar, cloves, mace, cinnamon, and ginger. Over the centuries, the gingerbread found their way from the temples to bakeries.

Christmas dinner in Sweden

In ancient times, there was a stockfish dish, Lutefisk. Today, on Christmas Eve, there is a classic but hearty Smörgasbord. There are traditional specialties such as ham, veal, cod, meat sausage - in the past often homemade. As also herring salad, pickled herrings, home-made liver pate, spiced bread, and potatoes. For dessert, there is rice porridge!

Christmas dinner in Mexico

The Christmas dinner in Mexico is as almost everywhere in the world a family affair. On Christmas Eve it is a tradition to have dinner late at night. The Christmas salad, Ensalada de Noche Buena cannot get missed on the table. Ensalada de Noche Buena consists of ingredients like lettuce, beetroot, carrots, and jicama. Apples, oranges, pineapples, pecans or peanuts, and pomegranate seeds are also there.

Bacalao is dry and salted cod. During the Christmas season, you can find it in all markets and in supermarkets. It is now part of the classic Mexican Christmas dinner. One of the best-known types of preparation should be Bacalao a la Vizcaina. Here Bacalao gets cooked together with tomatoes, capers, olives, and potatoes. But beyond that, there are countless other recipe variations.

Buñuelos are a crispy, sweet fried pastry and served with a hot drink. It can be then dusted with sugar or dipped in syrup, depending on how sweet you like it. In Oaxaca, there is a special Christmas custom. There are many stalls that sell Buñuelos and Atole (an old Indian corn drink) at Christmas time.

After eating the buñuelos, people wish for something. They throw the clay plate on which the buñuelos got served, and it breaks into countless splinters. This old custom still comes from a feast of pre-Hispanic times. All harnesses got broken at the end of a calendar year.

Pavo is turkey roasted in a classic way or served with the Mexican mole sauce. It contains a great deal of chili. Ponche Navideño is a hot Mexican fruit punch made from Tejocotes, the Mexican hawthorn. There are also other fruits such as guavas or apples and cinnamon. It gets sweetened with boiled sugar cane juice called Piloncillo in Mexico. For the adults, there is a shot of piquet, and tequila, too.

Pozole is a cornmeal soup with pork or chicken, lots of chili and garlic. Small cut lettuce or cabbage, radish, avocado, oregano and lemon quarters gets served. This soup is also cooked in large quantities because it is a popular party food.

Romeritos are a green leafy vegetable like the rosemary plant. That's where the name comes from, but it's not related to rosemary and it does not taste that way either. Romeritos en revoltijo is a typical Christmas dish. They are cakes fried with vegetables, potatoes, and shrimp and served with mole. Romeritos en revoltijo are often eaten.

Rosca de Reyes is a sweet yeast bread available in the bakeries before Christmas. Tamales are small dumplings or packets of corn flour available with different fillings. They get cooked in maize leaves or sometimes banana leaves.

Christmas dinner in Germany

Christmas Eve dinner often varies from family to family and from region to region. For some, there are carp, for other sausages with potato salad. But almost all have one thing in common, they are not a sumptuous banquet. This is for the next two days. The classic German Christmas roast is usually a goose or a duck, also turkey or pheasant are possible.

Traditional side dishes are the red cabbage and dumplings. But today, one tends to make the menus easier on these days in the form of delicious fish dishes. Wild lambs have also found their fans in the meantime. Christmas cookies get served with Christmas cakes with lots of cream, and marzipan. And when it's cold outside, people warm with one or more glasses of punch or mulled wine.

Christmas dinner in Latvia

Latvian Christmas dinner is very hearty and rustic. Once upon a time there was a boiled pig's head and boiled barley groats. Today there are often boiled peas, a piece of roasted meat and fat bacon. As also pudding, which is sour milk or kefir. The boiled peas must get eaten no later than the Christmas morning. Otherwise, this will mean that tears will flow next year.

Another traditional Christmas dinner is black pudding with barley. The round shape of the black pudding used to remind of a circle in ancient times, symbolizing the solar year.

Sklandu Rausi is also very popular in western Latvia. These are tartlets filled with mashed potatoes and carrot. Also, Piragi is part of the Christmas dinner filled with smoked bacon and onions.

One of the most popular Christmas meals of today is roast pork with sauteed sauerkraut. Sometimes there is even a carp on the Christmas table. Often fish scales are also put in bags and purse, which should bring in the new year ample windfall. People eat nine different dishes, as that means prosperity and wealth for the New Year.

Christmas dinner in Estonia

On Christmas Eve, of course, a particularly sumptuous and rich food on the tables. If you have more than enough food in the house at Christmas, that also means plenty for the coming year. According to an ancient tradition, between seven and twelve dishes get served. There is the traditional pork roast with sauerkraut, verivorst, potatoes and cranberry jam. The sweet and sour pickled pumpkin is a must.

Verivorst is blood sausage made with whole barley and bacon pieces. Verivorst is usually bought ready from the butcher or the supermarket. At home, Verivorst is then fried in the pan or baked in the oven covered with bacon slices. People prepare a special Christmas bread. This bread was also fed to the animals in the stable. They brewed beer and honeymet. For dessert, there are traditional gingerbread or gingerbread. Beer is rarely brewed at home today. Many breweries always produce a special Christmas beer.

Christmas dinner in Lithuania

The Christmas dinner starts as soon as it gets dark and the first stars show up in the sky. The table gets decorated with a white blanket with a straw under it. Straw symbolizes the ancestors who lie on straw after their death. On the table are 12 different meatless meals. There are fishes like pike or herring with beetroot soup, mushrooms, apples, and nuts. Kuciukai are biscuits made of flour, water, sugar and poppy seed milk. There is also a drink from cranberries.

After the meal, the straws get pulled out from under the tablecloth. Long and thick stalks symbolize happiness and a long life or for unmarried people a good match in the New Year. Short, thin stalks are a bad sign.

Often the needy and homeless get invited to this Christmas dinner. The remains of the Christmas dinner remain on the table. People believed that on the night the souls of the dead come and eat the leftovers. On Christmas Day there will be a sumptuous meal with plenty of meats like boiled pig's head, ham or suckling pig.

Christmas dinner in Finland

The traditional cookies are the Finnish gingerbread or poinsettias filled with plum jam. Also, the following specialties cannot be missing on the Christmas coffee table. There are small yeast buns or scones made from yeast dough and cinnamon. On December 24, at noon, the so-called Christmas porridge is also eaten according to the old custom.

Also, there is often plum pudding with whipped cream. This is a normal sweet rice porridge in which a whole almond gets stirred. According to ancient beliefs, the one who finds the almonds in the pulp will receive a wish in the New Year. Many of the Finnish Christmas carols even trade Christmas porridge.

The main meal lasts for the whole Christmas holidays. But the center of the table will always be the Christmas ham. It gets made the day before Christmas Eve coated with a spicy mustard crust before frying. For this purpose turnips, carrots, potatoes or liver get served. Rosolli salad has salted herring, potatoes, carrots, beetroot, meat, apples and pickled cucumbers.

The house looks particularly snowy when sprinkled with coconut flakes. Cinnamon sticks are well suited as "logs" that can get stacked in front of the house. In the Advent season, you can sweeten yourself with delicious drinks from our recipes. Enjoy Advent and Christmas with our Christmas recipes.

Every year we ask the question: which recipes do I cook for Christmas to please everyone? Browse through our Christmas recipes and get inspired for your Christmas menus. We show you how to put together your personal Christmas menu. And what ingredients you need for each recipe.

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