Christmas in Calcutta

Calcutta is also known for its Christmas celebrations. Known as Bada din, or the long day, Christmas is celebrated in Kolkata by one and all with western traditions but adapted to the local culture and foreign traditions blended together. The Calcuttans celebrate the occasion either at home, go to the restaurant or visit the Victoria Memorial or the Calcutta Zoo.

Kolkata, the city of joy becomes, even more, brighter and more alive during the Christmas season. The aroma of fruitcakes fill the air and the markets become crowded. Christmas is one of the major celebrations in Kolkata, and the city has a little affection that is attributed to it.

The best place to celebrate Christmas in Kolkata is Park Street, a place where the festive atmosphere is extravagant. You can find people from all communities offering prayers and singing carols at midnight mass in churches. In addition, during the holiday season, you can take advantage of the huge discounts on items in the markets, which keeps the bazaars in Kolkata rather crowded. The bright lights and sounds, rock music and delicious food make the atmosphere in the city the liveliest.

Santa Claus finds his way also to Calcutta and the children receive gifts. There are all kinds of treats. The inhabitants of Calcutta are regarded as sweet lovers anyway, but West Bengal is well-known beyond its national borders for its fine sweets. When it comes to sweet and sugary things, the Bengal people are blossoming. For Christmas special pies, cakes, brownies or plum biscuits are served and all the shops are packed with the most diverse cake variations.

The British were in Kolkata for nearly 200 years and have held their ceremonies and celebrations and thus also carried out a cultural exchange of a special kind. The lively Calcuttans like festivals and it seems as if they only need an occasion to eat and celebrate well. The western influences are unmistakable and Christmas has also become very commercial here too.

In Calcutta, the streets are decorated with lights and Christmas trees are illuminated especially around Park Street, where many Christians live.

There are big Christmas festivals held at Park Street and the neighboring places with food and music. The grounds are crowded with people, young and old, from everywhere. With food, drink, and music, the streets and facades are shrouded in colors and glowing faces, and Christmas is celebrated as if there is no morning.