Book Review: Eye of the Storm - Frank Cavallo

Eye of the Storm by Frank Cavallo is a story with a breathtaking pace that takes the reader through a fascinating, hypnotic and quite original storyline. The novel is not without twists and mysterious events that keep the suspense high until the end, and is gorgeous with an unexpected ending. This is a timeless classic for all ages.

On a research assignment in one of the most far-flung regions of the planet, ex-Navy Seal Eric Slade and Dr. Anna Fayne are wedged in a mystifying tempest. Propelled in the course of a cleft in space and time, they are stranded on a lost world.

Fighting back to live to tell the tale and at the end of their tether to locate a way home, they must meet head-on with the perils of this savage terra firma against a mysterious wizard and his militia of undead.

A combatant queen and her flock of ferocious Neanderthals stand against them and a celebrated fortune that has the power to open the entrance between worlds, or to obliterate them all. Will our heroes survive? Or escape? Or discover the mysteries of the land?

It may seem that the beginning is the classic book that starts with a storm, but beware, the author can always surprise. Here the characters have nothing but thanks to the ingenuity of the author have in fact everything. Over time also they are able to discover the mystery of the land and its inhabitants.

With a fast and steady pace, the book flows nicely that is full of suspense, which sometimes is macabre, but definitely is a must read with detailed descriptions, suspense, mystery and a fascinating plot. The author goes beyond this and the adventure is a pretext in which he puts action, mystery and a certain theatricality in the characters.

What a beautiful adventurous reading! It’s true that there is a bit of all to the extent possible in this story, but this is also its great charm where there is no element of nature that cannot be bent to its purposes, there is no construction or tool that we can not build.

This novel is not only of positivism and confidence in believing in own abilities and knowledge, but is also a lot of pure adventure, which takes you on this marooned land that takes us on an incredible journey.

The author excites us with this adventure and creates a microcosm in which all, cooperate with each other and are able not only to face numerous hardships but to build everything they need. With fascinating descriptions of the various procedures that are used to survive on the mysterious land the author prove himself to being an extraordinary writer.

This adventure is marked by strength, courage, super genius ideas and also a lot of lucky breaks that the author explains by giving a very special touch to the novel. I loved it and gave me those pretty adventurous emotions I was looking for during the holidays.

ISBN-13: 978-1535327077 • Binding: Paperback • Published: 11 August 2016 • Publisher: CreateSpace • Pages: 402 • Language: English