Book Review: The Conversations We Never Had

The Conversations We Never Had by Jeffrey H. Konis is about a search, an inner search that chronicles the adventures of a grandson, a young man in search of his identity, which allow him to see the world from another perspective, who had taken his grandmother for granted, to have a second chance, the chance to learn about his family from the only person in the world who knew them, who remembered them.

Ola, his mother's younger sister, survived the Holocaust but he never asked her any questions regarding his parents. Ola has been gone for more than twenty years, along with the whole lot she could have told.

Through this vivid and poignant novel, the author tells the story of a Jewish family and its descendants to the present day. Through the story, the author manages to go over one of the darkest moments of our history, leaving an indelible message for the new generation.

Where to start? This is such a multifaceted novel that I'm afraid of forgetting something important in describing my mood after closing it reluctantly. So if I omit something, you can find out by reading it. I always repeat that the end of a good book always leaves a void in me, and this is one of those cases where you can have affection for the protagonists, suffer with them and when you leave them, you can feel a nostalgic cycle.

The author constantly manages to surprise and intrigue to the narrative aspects of this fairy tale. What is most striking is the very light touch with which she was able to transform, without rhetoric or easy pietism in an enchanted wall of thorns. In fact, I enjoyed the story to the subject of the Holocaust as it made it all the more exciting and perhaps raised the level of the whole narrative.

The style is enjoyable and simple without being flat, although this does not affect the message deep across in all that the story wants to convey. In this novel, the Holocaust is the key to everything, but without gratuitous controversy or criticism toward someone. The author launches through his story, a very strong message that goes beyond the simple narration.

The book increasingly involved me. I found this book very engaging and moving, and I pretty much devoured it. This book is about a research and teaches the things that have always been there, right before our eyes.

The knowledge breaks down the prejudice. A phrase that fits every moment of our lives, but if associated with religion and humanity, it makes us think of really burning issues of the current period. In this book emerge the details really important for contemporary history, with details not negligible.

Despite the pain and the loss, we must not close our hearts to love and to hope in all their various forms, which are beacons of our lives, like diaries of life for future generations. On this magnificent work of the author I could keep writing for hours for its magic and its power, and so I recommend everyone to read it and let some tears fall freely because for the most open hearts it will be copious.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 208 ♥ Publisher: Outskirts Press ♥ Published: 3 May 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1478767299