Skoda Rapid: Compact Car Price, Engines

It's called Skoda Rapid Spaceback, literally space behind, and according to what they say the Czechs technicians sets new standards in terms of load capacity and rear passenger room, especially in the field of centimeters for the knees and for the head.

With similar hand clues, even at any FBI profiler would automatically think of identikit of a station wagon and yet it is not so the one you have in front is the first compact C-segment of the Freccia Alata, entering the market on tiptoe but with pretty clear ideas on how to get space between the rivals.

The first thing that strikes about the Skoda Rapid Spaceback is the great cleansing of its lines. In the midst of many competitors who try to impress with special effects, the Rapid Spaceback sings a discordant voice. Faithful to the stylistic features of the brand, it is betting everything on a geometric cut, rigorous but not cold, maybe it will not turn heads on the street but also seems intended to age well, thanks to a sculpted side, stretched and sleek.

If the nose is a substantial copy and paste of the Rapid sedan components, it is more difficult to take your eyes from side B, seductive especially in the variant which sees the rear window to reach toward the plate to give impetus to the panoramic glass roof. Even in the standard version, however, the tail has its own because, with the headlights in C and many horizontal lines, which give a certain stage presence to the car.

The tailgate has generous shapes and opens, as anticipated, to a record compartment: its capacity ranges from 415 to 1,380 liters, the stuff of true family, especially when you consider that the total length of the Skoda Rapid is Spaceback 430 cm. All this, by the way, with a plane positioned on two levels, and with other storage cunning scattered here and there in the cockpit . And if the luggage space abounds, that for passengers is not far behind 64 cm available for the legs and 98 between the couch and the roof are data record, which speak volumes about the practicality and versatility of the Rapid.

Passing the front area, it turns out as well as the dashboard is developed especially for horizontal lines, giving even here the idea of a great spaciousness, accomplices door panels that seem to hold the stomach in order to guarantee a few more inches the pilot and his second. The building satisfies however the view more than the touch the plastic pretend to be good soft but they are not. On balance, however, you can not even complain much the assemblies are kept and precise, while buttons and controls have the typical air Made in VW and not disappoint even the finest palates.

Even the engine range is all turbocharged and direct injection has the same origin and does not differ much by the offer already in the catalog for the three volumes. The Skoda Rapid Spaceback is expected in November with three engines petrol and two diesel , fuels that will split fairly evenly orders. As to the first, opens the dance the 1,200 TSI 86 hp with manual five-speed gearbox (0-100 in 11.7 seconds, 180 km/h top speed and average fuel consumption of 5.1 l/100 km), also declined in 105 hp variant (10.2 seconds, 193 km/h and 5.4 l/100 km).

It closes the trio the 1400 TSI from 122 hp (9.4 seconds, 203 km/h and 5.8 l/100 km). As for diesel, the first .600 TDI 90 hp is available with two types of transmission, five-speed manual (11.9 seconds, 182 km / h and 4.4 l/100 km) or robotic DSG seven-speed (12, 1/2, still 182 km/h and 4.5 l/100 km), while the 105 hp version, the best-selling waiting family, is paired sets with only five-speed manual (10.3 seconds, 190 km/h and 4.4 l/100 km). In a second step the 90 hp 1.6 TDI will also be declined as GreenLine, with special measures aimed at further cut consumption.

As for equipment, those officially in the catalog are three. That basis is called Active and already has set, among other things, the stereo, climate control and electronic stability control ESC. On copies Ambition also provide for the fog, the armrest between the front seats, on-board computer, a multifunction steering wheel, power windows and even rear wheels 15 " alloy.

The most extensive equipment is however with Spaceback Elegance, which bring with them also 16 "wheels, a more evolved stereo, rear parking sensors, Bluetooth kit and cruise control. To close, the prices: to have a Skoda Rapid Spaceback 86 hp 1.2 TSI have to write a check for at least EUR 16,260, while the first oil price is 18.410 € . The best-selling version, however, will in all probability the 105 hp 1.6 TDI Elegance, which costs 21,370 Euros.