Book Review: BUGman - Sachin Kodagali and Santosh Avvannavar

BUGman Sachin Kodagali and Santosh Avvannavar

BUGman, Cubicle Life & Beyond by Sachin Kodagali and Santosh Avvannavar investigates the particular points of view and intellectual tools of software engineers, revealing the enormous influence they exert, in a tale that exposes all the stages of becoming engineers through the school, family to the first job.

Sa and Sa unveils the expedition of software professionals on how the software business works, individuals, business, prospects, behaviours to become skilled at and expand your skills and help carve up the understanding that brings a fresh point of view with out of the ordinary analogies and examples for each kind of person who reads.

Information technology has many fathers and mothers. Some are putative parents, other royals, though a few are the fundamental ones. The book retraces the personal and professional lives of the two protagonists, and even accompanies us in the technological space and reconstructs the long flight of two talented men through the corridors of aspirations and the evil forces.

The book shares the life path of software engineers with the reader will find an accessible explanation for the cryptic codes and is not a book for aesthetes and lovers of fiction, or for those looking for easy emotions in a fast-paced writing with compelling situations.

The authors’ puts on paper, in such a natural and simple way that seems a narrative, like a story told among friends around a fire. The authors does not linger in the story of adventurous episodes, but will manage to make you imagine the work space, where often everyone has to surrender, through a detailed and passionate sharing of emotions that they feel.

The book conveys to the reader the fears, the secret thoughts, copious tears and intense joys. The story is compelling, because the protagonist could be any human being among each of us and this aroused in me feelings of envy and admiration. The story is an incentive for anyone who wants to learn a few tricks of the software concerns.

Its pages give life to a generation of tireless men who built and unpacked their lives, and stages the most common and least communicable experience of life suspended between intimate knowledge.

The thing struck me most about this book is first of all the style, which is dry and without pietism or search for sensationalism and then the thing that I consider more important is the core message. All this has dictated a book written very well, and surely it is a book that makes you think, and this is the result of my reflection.

ISBN13: 978-1945919138 • Binding: Paperback • Published: 1 August 2016 • Publisher: Hoffen & Amrita Foundation • Pages: 76 • Language: English