Tesla Review, Price, Specifications & Battery Capacity

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The wait is coming to an end. Yes, because the new Tesla Model 3 is in the pipeline on 31 March. It could not be otherwise since we are talking about the first sedan from Tesla group, with a competitive price of $ 35,000. A project that wants to make even more familiar and accessible concept electric cars.

A car that arouses so much curiosity. Waiting to be revealed in about 48 hours, orders have already been opened, primarily for employees of the company, and later also for anyone who wanted to become the owner, starting from the fateful date of 31 March or rather from 1 April at 05.30 for Europeans to coincide with the launch of Hawthorne.

A collection of orders that will be available both online and in showrooms all over the world. Here are some features that you need to keep in mind. Tesla Model 3 will be about 20% smaller than the S model, and will have approximately the size of an Audi A4. This, in the words of the CEO Elon Musk. Rear passengers should have a little more leg room, considering the nature of the Tesla Model 3, seen and given the absence of a central tunnel for transmission.

The Model 3 will be an immediately usable vehicle, so that the presentation there will be short, a working prototype will be on site to take journalists for a quick lap. The Model 3 does not officially see the light, in terms of sales, until the end of 2017.

Of course, the Tesla Model 3 will be the flagship model and the top priority of the company. And indeed, though that is not yet familiar with the style and design of this medium. It will have a frontal similar to that of S or will approach more to X? Tesla may have provided a clue having presented the images of both cars and silhouette negative instead of the Model 3 specifically? Considering how the stylization approaches the Tesla S, there might be a synchrony between the two samples

According to reports from the parent company, bookings for employees are already open, and the same possibility, as of March 31, will be given to all other people. Reservations will be available on tesla website with a deposit of $ 1000, refundable at any time.

Unlike the high-end luxury cars, the 3 will not have special versions. This does not mean that the parent will not be happy to update and customize your model with four-wheel drive, or with a larger battery and more. The fact is however that the will to maintain a similar price to the $ 35,000 initial

Tesla promises a distance of at least 200 miles per charge, more or less 320 km. When you consider that the same lithium-ion 60 kWh scheduled for the Chevy Bolt future, the Model 3 could expect to achieve the intended distance. And 'even plausible that Tesla could reach the height of 200 miles with a 50 kWh battery.

Despite speculations and rumors about it, this week will only be unveiled the Tesla Model 3 sedan. The rumors about a crossover have remained so. The modular platform will be used in the future for the new models, starting presumably, right from the required crossover.

The manager confirmed the arrival of the Model E (debut in 2017) and has justified the price of the Model X. Tesla had to start from scratch for his third: For better or worse, most of Tesla's new Model 3 reported the Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel, last October: The battery has a new architecture, it is a new engine technology, a new structure of the medium. in short, a lot of work.

The same and Jason Wheeler Straubel, Tesla's new chief financial officer, emphasized how the Model 3 is designed to be quickly produced in assembly line, so as to quickly and economically increase the numbers. As mentioned previously, the base model will cost $ 35,000 to the mountain of government incentives in the United States go from $ 7500 to 13,000, depending on the state. Federal incentives however, will be cut gradually since reaching the quota of 200,000 units sold, presumably around 2018, according to data stipulated by Bloomberg.

In addition to spearheading Gigafactory in California and Nevada, Tesla plans to open one or more additional plants in China and in Europe in 2018. The Tesla Model 3 will likely supplied the self-driving, although at the cost of an additional cost. Last January Musk predicted that the next 15 years all cars will be self-driven. In addition, also it included as a third of people will give up the owned car in favor of car sharing services

Maybe Mr. Andreas Stephens of Sidney was only in search of his fifteen minutes of fame, or really Elon Musk is managing to say something different in the automotive world. Whatever the truth, a tail in which it participated also Mr. Stephens above began with two days in advance to reserve a car that you do not still know almost nothing, had never seen.

There are only a few hours to the launch of the Model 3 (March 31 at 8:30 pm, the time zone of Los Angeles) and in some parts of the planet is experiencing scenes style iPhone , with the difference that in the case of Tesla you will exit 'showroom with a sheet of paper in his hand and a check for $ 1,000 less, but certainly not to the electric car wheel of Palo Alto. The first Model 3, in fact, will be delivered to the end of 2017, beginning of course the West Coast and California, then get in the rest of the United States, then in Europe, in Asia-Pacific and then in countries with right-hand drive.

If tomorrow you want to go to Tesla store you should arm yourself with holy patience, and if you can not resist to know the car's final appearance, you can log on tomorrow night on Tesla website and enjoy the streaming the world premiere. An event attended by about 800 people, of which 650 are already Tesla customers and Musk hope to sell a Model 3 to each of them.

After that, the latest should be ready to conquer the world or at least to leave a track indelible in the history of the automotive industry. With an estimated price of about $ 35,000 (about 32,000 Euros, less than half the wing Model S), in fact, will compete with the classic premium sedans, such as the Audi A4, the BMW 3 Series, the Mercedes C-Class, the Lexus IS or the Jaguar XE, offering an autonomous power of at least 300-350 km, thanks to a lithium-ion battery pack from 50-60 kWh.

The size should be smaller by approximately 20% compared to the Model S, while the style is sure to be relative to that of the prototype Model E but not of even deviate too much from that of the 'S'. Moreover, the pencil is always to Franz von Holzhausen, former designer of General Motors, Mazda and Volkswagen.

The production of the battery, however, will be entrusted for the first time to Gigafactory, ie the mega plant for the construction of accumulators to lithium ions which Tesla is building in the Nevada desert with Panasonic . In the plans of Musk it will produce 500,000 annually by reducing the costs 30% thanks to economies of scale.