Vodka: Pure, Clear and Unadulterated

Not only a glass of red wine per meal but also a taco chock full of tasty ingredients and a bit of vodka drunk in moderation can help in the fight against diabetes, particularly against type 2 diabetes mellitus for the non-insulin-dependent. Much attention has been devoted in recent years, the evaluation of non-drug products in the diabetic control of this form, but the results are accepted only if they stem from specific trials, conducted according to the strictest ethical rules, clinics and statistics.

Researchers have found the effectiveness of a moderate and tolerable dose of vodka, 40 grams, taken during a meal, and evaluated its effects on important metabolic parameters. As points of comparison were studied diabetics which have not been given vodka and healthy people. The choice of vodka is due to the fact that other spirits contain substances that may have side effects on metabolic processes.

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There is an increase in insulin's ability to promote glucose disappearance from the blood (decreased insulin resistance) and a reduction of free fatty acids, precursors of most well-known substances such as triglycerides and cholesterol, harmful when too high.

The research results, published in Diabetes Care, the official journal of the American Diabetes Association, show that even the insulin response was reduced, thus easing the job of the pancreas, the body responsible for insulin production, resulting in improved metabolic status of the patient.

Given that alcohol in excessive doses has side effects which are still not beneficial, a moderate intake per meal of vodka inhibits the formation of fats and may explain the proven reduction in the prevalence of diabetes in the consumption of alcohol and reduced mortality from myocardial infarction.