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Red Dead Redemption 2: Release, Price and Download

red dead redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open world adventure game set in the Far West, developed by Rockstar San Diego and published by Rockstar Games for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in backward compatibility. It is the sequel of the spiritual Red Dead Revolver. Most of the game takes place in 1911, during the decline of the old American West.

The game follows the story of John Marston, a former outlaw who, under pressure from the government, must hunt down his old bandmates. The government's men took hostage his wife and son Marston to make sure he does its task. Having no other choice, the protagonist is forced to start to try to catch his three old comrades.

After the release of the game, they were distributed numerous downloadable content. Among them, the more robust is Undead Nightmare, which was also posted on the game disc as stand-alone . Undead Nightmare adds a new adventure in single player mode as opposed to the other expansions that add new material exclusively for multiplayer mode, where Marston must seek a cure for infectious zombie plague that has spread in the region.

Following the awards, and the sales obtained in 2010 (he was winner of over 106 awards for best game of the year), in October 2011 was published in a special edition of the game called Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition that contains all the downloadable content previously published. Also on 29 May 2010 it was made ​​into a short film (produced with the same technology of the game), titled Red Dead Redemption: The Man from Blackwater, directed by Australian director John Hillcoat and aired on Fox.

In 2011 it was elected by IGN as the third best game of the modern era. A teaser trailer of the project is shown for the first time in a conference by Sony in 2005 for a small selection of people. The trailer was kind of a tech demo to show the next-generation graphics engine RAGE in western setting.

The development of the game itself began in 2008 when the work of Manhunt 2 and Bully: Scholarship Edition ended. The game was originally called RDR2 (Red Dead Revolver 2) and was scheduled for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. But only on 3 February 2009 , Rockstar Games officially announced the game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with the first official trailer [9] . On 6 May 2009 , the debut trailer becomes available on the site IGN and on the official website of the Rockstar Games.

The co-founder Dan Houser of Rockstar, said that Red Dead Redemption was a nightmare to be created and that the development of the game from the technical point of view it was a big headache. Rockstar itself has stated that Red Dead Redemption is most ambitious of Grand Theft Auto IV and who would become the ultimate open world game.

A second trailer, titled My Name is John Marston , who gives new information on the protagonist of the game is distributed on 1 December 2009. With this Rockstar trailer detects the initial release date of the game: April 27, 2010. Another trailer, Gameplay Series: Introduction, is distributed during the second week of December. It gives us a detailed description of the mechanics of the game.

The second video, Gameplay Series: Weapons and Death, is distributed on January 28 2010 . The video shows the combat system and the physics of the deaths. Video Law, released on February 11, 2010, presents some characters who have the task of enforcing the law in the game as Leigh Johnson, Marshal, the deputies and the Agent Edgar Ross. Women - sinful, Sante and Surviving is distributed on February 24 2010. This video shows us how to feature female figures in the Far West of the game.

Video Gameplay Series: Life in the West is distributed 17 March 2010 . In this video we can see that the main character can hunt animals to sell their skins, capturing wild horses, play poker, drink, buy newspapers, camping at the end of a day (to save the game) or join another field to receive news about what happens in the game world. 24 March 2010, Rockstar postpone the game's release in May.

The fourth video Gameplay Series: Life in the West - Part 2 is distributed on 1 April 2010. This video shows us the mechanical duels (similar to Red Dead Revolver ), some missions and accidental encounters that the player can have during the game. It was finally released, a few days after its official launch, a spot that illustrated the latest gaming sequences.

The game was released for both the Xbox 360 and for PS3 , the major difference being that the version of the game for Xbox 360 has a native resolution of 1280x720 pixels , while the version PS3 is 1152x640 pixels. The development of Red Dead Redemption took 800 people and nearly six years to complete, with a total cost estimated at approximately $ 100 million, making it one of the most expensive games that have ever been developed.

The game is set in 1911 along the border between the United States and Mexico. In this period the wilderness, devoid of law and order, they begin to give way to the expansionist aims of the government and the advent of the industrial revolution. The old West is endangered.

The map of the game is divided into three states fictitious: New Austin, West Elizabeth, and Nuevo Paraiso. The New Austin and West Elizabeth are adjacent and bordering the Nuevo Paraiso. The Nuevo Paraiso is a Mexican state and is separated from the American territory from the river San Luis. Each state is characterized by a unique setting that distinguishes it from others. The New Austin consists of four counties: Cholla Springs, Río Bravo, Gaptooth Ridge and Hennigan's Stead.

This territory is based on the classic landscapes of the Wild West and its flora and fauna are very specific. Abound desert plains, villages, ranch or animals such as coyotes, wolves, armadillos or pumas, among others. The Nuevo Paraiso is the classic Mexican State characterized by a hot, dry climate, barren land and reddish, villages and buildings made ​​of a white stone and fauna similar to that of New Austin. This state is divided into three regions: Punta Orgullo, Perdido and Diez Coronas.

The West Elizabeth is the most industrialized state of the game, in which modern civilization is most evident. In fact, the main city of the state, Blackwater, has modern buildings, motor vehicles, parks and paved roads. The local climate is opposite to that of others, in fact there are grasslands, forests and snow-capped mountains. The fauna also includes unique species such as the bison and the ' grizzly bear . This state is divided in two counties: Tall Trees and Great Plains.

The actual topographic transposition also cover the territories of Texas and New Mexico bordering the Rio Grande to New Austin while, as regards the Nuevo Paraiso, the game is inspired by the territories of Coahuila , Durango , Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas. The region of West Elizabeth is mainly based on the State of Colorado.

The protagonist is the former outlaw John Marston that behind his gangster past, lives with his family in the peaceful West Elizabeth, but for him it will not be easy to do it: in fact, Edgar Ross, large piece of the Bureau , will force him to help him catch and kill all of his former bandmates, including his old boss, Dutch Van Der Linde, threatening to kill his family if Marston refused. The old gang as well as by Dutch and John, was composed by Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella, men to whom John must hunt.

The adventure begins with John who was sent to Armadillo, where he met a man named Jake, who will guide bringing it to Fort Mercer: an abandoned fort where Bill Williamson is hiding with his new band. John naively tries to talk peacefully with Bill but the only result I get is to be hit by a shot and left for dead in the street. Fortunately, it is found by a woman named Bonnie MacFarlane that leads him to a doctor and is home to his ranch. John, after recovering, roams the New Austin in search of material and companions able to help him in his desperate quest to capture Bill Williamson.

Organizing an attack on Fort Mercer helped by the sheriff of Armadillo Leigh Johnson and other personalities supporting John in different ways and for which Marston will have to complete a series of tasks and missions to win their trust. John and his allies attack Fort Mercer exterminating the Williamson band. Marston queries a survivor of the gang confesses that Bill ran in Mexico and is helped by Javier Escuella, another former member of the Dutch band.

John follows Bill in Nuevo Paraiso called region in Mexico. There, is in the midst of a war between the Mexican army (camped by Colonel Agustin Allende) and rebels led by the charismatic Abraham Reyes. John, looking for help to find Williamson and Escuella, working initially for both sides, but after being betrayed by Allende takes sides definitely by the rebels, finding that its Allende is protecting Williamson and Escuella. John along with the rioters assaulted El Presidio, a strong Mexican army, where he hides Javier Escuella. Here, the player can decide whether to capture or kill Escuella. In any case, Escuella will be delivered to federal agents. Finally, John and Reyes with his rebels attacked the palace where Allende takes refuge with Williamson in the city of Escalera, managing to kill both.

John is back in the city of Blackwater, where he met the two federal agents Edgar Ross and Archer Fordham. There he discovers that his work is not finished yet: he must kill his old gang leader Dutch van der Linde. In fact, Dutch is located in that area and formed a new gang composed of Native Americans. John, with the help of an Indian, Nastas, discovers the hideout of the location of the Dutch band and assaults with the US Army for help. Marston finally comes face to face with Dutch and after a touching monologue, understanding that they no longer escape routes, commits suicide.

John's work is done, his family is freed, and can return home at last. Here, he begins to live as he always wanted, taking care of the ranch and the family, composed by his wife Abigail, his uncle and his son Jack. But after a few days the ranch is attacked by the US Army led by Edgar Ross. The goal of Ross is very clear: he wants to kill John that despite having worked for him, and now is no longer a criminal, is in fact a former member of the Dutch band and for his "dirty past" has to pay.

John tries to defend heroically his family and manages to rescue his wife and his son. Left alone in the barn, high tackles John to head the soldiers but inevitably falls under the blows of the enemy.

Three years later, his son Jack has lost his mother and meditates revenge on the man who first made use of John and then killed him when it served him no more: Edgar Ross. At this point the player takes control of Jack. Jack gets on Ross tracks. He discovers that he is retired, and pretending to be a former colleague you said by the wife of Ross where it is. He is thus able to catch him is hunting. After a short talk Jack challenge to a duel Ross, managing to kill him and avenge his father's death as well.

In the first part of the game you are mentioned the Indian wars of the previous century aimed at tearing the territories that now belong to the ranch , economic production put into crisis by technology, that are dying to give up their lands to the state. The authors have emphasized the presence of a famine at that time by contact, in various side quests and not, with cannibals communities around the New Austin and crimes disparate as the exhumation, to indicate the depression and the ignorance that reigns in the wilderness of the early twentieth century, and the contrast between East evolved and eager to ennoble a rural West and skeptical towards politics, the economy and empowerment. Among the newspaper articles, that can be obtained within the game, it can be seen a biting irony against typical nationalist movements of the time, as well as racial discrimination merged to ' anthropology , the Prohibition , false drug benefits and government corruption.

The stretch of history in Mexico shows the hypocrisy hidden behind the revolution (which the date is to reconnect to the fall of Porfirio Díaz ), who leads a people blindly abused to put themselves in the hands of a revolutionary addicted from power, which will soon contradict his promises and to protect their interests, like the predecessors.

The final part in West Elizabeth offers, as well as a reflection on the excessive power of the secret services, in particular a FBI collusion with politics and unscrupulous, even the ultimate philosophical issue of the plot: the past that Marston believed to destroy, even if reluctantly, by government order, will lead him to be killed by the government which will then be used, however, not forgiving him the past as an outlaw, and taking credit for the elimination of the old gang of which John had been part and that it was therefore the only reality that John could join, pretending unsuccessfully to be a stranger now. The same type of impact, however, will lead to the death of the agent Ross, who was killed in battle by the son of John, Jack, well this time decided on a side, giving reasons for subtitling of the game Outlaws until the end.


Red Dead Redemption is a game open world with a view in the third person . The game offers a vast territory that can be explored freely. The player can interact in many ways with the surrounding environment and can engage in a fight with any person or animal, using a vast arsenal of firearms. The horses are the most common means of transport. They are divided into various breeds that vary in their speed and resistance.

The player has the ability to steal them, taming of wild horses or buy them in a store. The player may only own one horse at a time, this will always respond to the whistle of the protagonist and will reach him wherever he may be. In addition to quickly move through the map, the player can use trains and stagecoaches. Marston also has a kit, with which can camp in the wilderness. In the camp the player can save the game progress, changing the dress and travel quickly to another area. The main character has the ability to swim and will drown if he tries to dive into the water.

The progression of the main story is handled in the same fashion, the various chapters of the series Grand Theft Auto. The player has to perform a series of missions entrusted by different characters. The missions are started after the star reaches a certain point on the map marked with a letter usually it indicates the name of the employer or in general the character who will entrust the mission to Marston. Each main mission is preceded by a variable-length movie, where the protagonist speaks with the employer. On stage there may also be other more or less important characters for the purpose of the mission. The tasks are quite varied and can range from heavy gunfire at a horse race, an assault on a train to the defense of a stagecoach.

The Texas Hold'em is one of the six games of chance in which the player can enjoy between a mission and the other. Apart from the main missions, the player can intervene in many random events, carry out minor works and activities, help the "strangers" and complete the environmental challenges. Random events are triggered randomly on the map during the player's movements. These events include hangings, abuse, requests for assistance and escort, small bets with strangers, aggression and more. The player is free to choose whether to intervene or move on.

As for the secondary activities, you can hunt several species of animals for skinning and sell their skins and their flesh, collect plants, buy small apartments, tame horses, carry out night patrols in the villages, drinking in the saloons, attacking hideouts of bands criminals, sought to capture the bandits, fight a duel, robbing passers, rob banks, watching some dumb movie theaters and take part in games of chance such as poker , liars dice , blackjack , five fingers, arm wrestling and horseshoes. The player can also help some people, the "unknown", which stories are real subplots that allow you to shape the climate and the thought of the period.

Doing some of these activities or other specific targets, the player has the ability to unlock 14 outfits (that become 18 with the various DLC) to personalize the protagonist. Some of these dresses provide bonuses and special powers to the player. Finally, the player can try their hand in the four environmental challenges. The challenges concern the hunting and skinning of certain animals, the collection of certain plants, the search for some treasures and skill and accuracy with firearms. Every challenge presents a series of ten objectives to be accomplished with relative prizes. Completing all the challenges the protagonist will become a legend of the West , and unlock the dress of the same name.

By accomplishing these tasks, the player can earn dollars, which can be spent in the various shops to buy many items such as medicines, tobacco, maps, ammunition, weapons, clothing, and horses; but also bonus honor and reputation of the protagonist. In fact, Red Dead Redemption uses a system of morality that allows to increase the reputation and honor of the character, in a positive or negative way. For example, if the player captures the living bandits or saves a woman from a robbery, it will increase the honor positively. If it commits crimes such as murder or theft will increase the honor negatively.

This system along with that of fame, determines how other people behave with the protagonist. If Marston has a negative honor it will be despised by other citizens or bring fear in them. But if he has a positive honor, the citizens will be grateful and often reward, receive discounts in shops and people turn a blind eye on his small crimes. Marston can, however, preserve its honor by wearing a bandana, with which it will become unrecognizable and his fame and honor your values.

The fights and shootings are the main elements of the game. The combat system uses a visual in the third person . The player can take cover behind a wall or object to protect themselves from enemy fire, aim and shoot to a specific person or shoot blindly. You can also target specific body parts to disarm an opponent and make non-lethal, so take him alive. John Marston has at its disposal a vast arsenal of weapons: pistols, guns, repeating rifles, shotguns, bolt-action rifles, sniper rifles, knives, dynamite, Molotov cocktails, a lasso, tomahawk and fixed weapons like the cannon and Gatling machine gun.

An important feature of the combat system is the "Dead Eye". This is a sort of bullet time that allows players to slow down time in order to target more precisely or to mark various body parts of one or more enemies. In this way, when the sequence has finished, Marston will fire in rapid succession on targets marked with extreme precision.

The sophisticated system in Red Dead Redemption is significantly changed from that of the series Grand Theft Auto . When a player commits a crime close to witnesses, some of them run towards the office of one nearest sheriff to warn law enforcement. The player can bribe the witnesses or kill them before they reach the office. If the crime is committed in the presence of a law enforcement officer, will immediately appear the inscription Wanted along with a dollar figure that corresponds to size of the protagonist. This size increases with every crime committed, and, as it increases, law enforcement become more aggressive and numerous. To be able to sow the men, the player has to run away from them in order to get out of the red zone marked in the map, and wait for the indicator Wanted disappear.

You can also try to kill all the lawyers in the city as long as the message is not disappeared. Even when the capture failed, the bounty on the head of the main character remains and the sheriff assolderà of bounty hunters to hunt the player in the wilderness. You can not surrender to these bounty hunters, and then if the player sheathes her weapon and remains firm will still be killed without mercy. Only sheriffs and law enforcement in the city will accept the surrender. Men of law will continue to hunt down the player until he pays his size or submits a letter of grace. You can also decrease the size of doing community work such as night patrols or the capture of wanted gunmen. The player can also bribe a man of the law if he has enough fame, honor and money. If the player decides to surrender during a fight, it will be taken to prison where he will serve his sentence.

Red Dead Redemption includes a mode multiplayer for up to 16 players per session. The user has an unlockable character and with every action he can increase their level of experience. In this way the player can get new weapons, challenges, equipment, new mounts and new characters.

There are two types of modes: free and competitive. Mode Free is the entry point to the multiplayer, in which each player (for a total of 16) is free to go almost anywhere and do what he wants. Players can meet in small teams, "brigades" calls, eight members and participate in activities such as assaults on gangs controlled by the computer or other brigades, hunting or participate as a team in a competitive mode. The available modes are competitive (even including those added with several downloadable packs): Shootout, Gold Rush, Hold Your Own Booty, Booty Grab, Hands Down, Roccaforte, Assault Undead, Horse Racing.

Almost all modes start with a Mexican standoff or a duel in which all the players will come face to face. Players who survive the duel have the advantage of being able to explore the battlefield in search of weapons and bonuses in while they wait for reappear enemies. Shooting is a classic deathmatch (in teams or all against all), in which the player who kills the greater number of players as possible. In Gold Rush players must try to collect as much loot as possible and trunks. In Defend Booty each team must protect a tally by the attempts of theft of opponents.

While in Grab the Booty both teams hunt for one spoils. Down Hands is a mode where several players are competing territory. Players who have owned the land for longer gain experience points. In Roccaforte two teams take turns attacking and defending strategic points on the map with a number of objectives to complete. The team that completes the most number of goals when time runs out. Assault Undead is a mode in which a group of 2-4 players must withstand the onslaught of endless waves of the undead. Finally, players can try their hand in the multiplayer versions of poker and liars dice and compete in horse races up to a maximum of six players.

The official soundtrack of the game was published by Rockstar on 18 May 2010 . They were distributed six expansions on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The packages are Outlaws to, Legends and killer, Bari and liars, Suit for hunting and trade, Terror from beyond the grave and Myths and rebels. On May 29, 2010 was aired on Fox a short film titled Red Dead Redemption: The Man from Blackwater, made ​​with the same technology of the video game (some scenes are indeed taken directly from the scene of Red Dead Redemption, while others were created specifically for the film).