Pokemon Sun and Moon: Cheats and Game Tips

The Nintendo world is always in continuous development and in the days when Pokemon Go has gone crazy, the Japanese company announced the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon for 3DS. The release date around the world is scheduled for November 18. The pre-orders are open and the package cost will be 89 USD for the roleplay.

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, you will need to embark on an adventure in the guise of a Pokemon trainer, catch, train, fight and trade. A new Pokemon and an interesting new feature have been included, which will train their Pokemon exceeded the level 100. The Pokédex continues to expand and six new adventures appear in the trailer and Pokemon Pokemon Sun Moon. The first is Bounsweet, a Pokemon result, its appearance recalls just a small fruit with a tender face.

The second is Wimpod, a Pokemon lestopode similar in appearance to a cockroach but more sympathetic. Comfey is the third Pokémon introduced. It looks like a wreath, it is a Pokemon garland. The fourth Pokémon who joins the Pokédex has Musdale, a Pokémon much like a wacky horse.

There is also Bewear, a fortebraccio, a tender teddy bear pink and black and finally Mimikyu, a fantasmanto type Pokemon, Pikachu a kind of greyish, that fans already are adorable. Apparently, in addition to countless news we updated you in these days, it seems that a sensational news will be unveiled tomorrow at the Pokémon Direct, that it is not the new chapters of the saga for the Nintendo 3DS?

In this 2016 full of news in the world of Pokémon, the Nintendo never ceases to amaze and to prepare new surprises concealed . This time, however, one of these surprises was perhaps discovered ahead of time. In fact, the Nerd Leaks has found in the European Trademark database, recording two interesting titles that could be a spoiler of the upcoming releases of Pokémon games.

What emerges from this rumor is that you have registered two games by specular titles , as the tradition of every game out of pocket monsters, far from Pokémon Red and Blue onset, up to the recent Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The titles and logos that were recorded are those of Pokémon Sun and Moon, which we have shown you the logos at the top of the article.

Maybe it's the ad that should be done at the Pokémon Direct which will be held tomorrow, Friday, 26 February. The February 27, 1996 is also very important for an anniversary Pokémon, as it was the date of the first chapters output the glorious series, which gave way to the great success of the pocket monsters, which has now lasted for 20 years all over the world!

Most probably it will be the new titles of the outgoing saga for Nintendo 3DS. The conditional in this case is a must, as in the past Nintendo and the Pokémon Company had registered the trademarks of several titles that then they have never seen the light, as Pokémon Gray and Pokémon Emerald Delta, they did fantasize fans for a long time. Although it must be said that on that occasion the logos were not recorded, so this bodes well .

We just have to wait a little less than 24 hours to know what you hide behind these names and juicy revelations that will certainly be revealed tomorrow at the Pokémon Direct, as always keep you updated.

Being the first of securities seventh generation, the two games are introducing new Pokémon and a new region is called Alola, geographically inspired by the Hawaiian islands. The games will be compatible with the Bank's Pokémon, which will allow players to transfer Pokémon from Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow for Nintendo 3DS. Among the new features include the ability to organize and Training Pro Gare Private on the Pokémon Global Link.