No Bra Day - Freedom for the breasts!

October 13, marks the No Bra Day, which in a nutshell means no bra for ladies and young girls for the whole day. Many will recall that the official day for this anniversary falls on July 9, but since October is the month of breast cancer prevention that has been repeated as a second day without the bra this month.

Men are also involved in the initiative. Obviously, their task for the day will be different. Boys will show their support for the National No Bra Day by wearing a purple garment and a purple accessory. Women instead were highly recommended by the site for wearing white T-shirts to proudly show off their breasts. Perhaps a proposal a bit too risky.

If you think this is a wrong niche event, there's even a hashtag for tweeting, and comment about it. Some are far less enthusiastic and who, like the famous lingerie brand Victoria's Secrets admitting unqualified to be in denial, and indeed rightly so!

There is also the voice of many women who are liberated once and for all the bondage bra, of course, mostly it comes to women from small breasts, who are lucky enough not to have to various problems or annoying obstructions.

The sense of initiative is unclear but it is a curious movement that has formed around the National No Bra Day and as fairly predictable, could only come up with the Americans indeed, an event conceived because many women are claiming the right to avoid wearing this garment and free up the breast. It seems that in the initiative have participated more than 250,000 women for 24 hours, who did not wear the bra.

The unusual event has also a dedicated Facebook page and, apparently, also has a cult following among famous women such as, among others Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson, Meg Ryan and Sharon Stone.

The day dedicated to the fight against breast cancer is a bit like the social version of the pink bow and Christmas Star. The day was established in 2011 with the aim to raise awareness about the disease, raise funds for research and help women who have survived, but in practice is recognizable mainly for the numerous photos of necklines appearing on Instagram and twitter profiles.

The idea of posting a picture of a nipple on Twitter to fight a disease that kills every year 40,000 people may seem ridiculous, yet the line of reasoning behind the No Bra Day is quite common. Over the last few years especially in the United States they were born many similar initiatives, from Save the Ta-Tas Foundation, who wants to fight breast cancer with a laugh with the campaign I love boobies, with its namesakes bracelets, and the association's campaign to fight cancer used the flash mob to push women to control their own health.

It also attempts to work on public awareness in less controversial ways sparked the ire of many. Many have noticed that companies earn a lot from the sale of merchandising in the name of the fight against cancer. However, if sales and easy initiatives continue, good causes linked not seem to attract as many people. For example, on October 13 it was also the Metastatic Cancer Awareness Day Official but, of course, no one noticed it.

Although often breast cancer is not in itself fatal, metastases are another matter entirely. Yet only two percent of donations go to research on metastasis.

The big message is that the problem of consciousness is a superficial thing. It's the surface. The worst thing for us is that at the moment everyone is talking only about this.