Nike Mag: Everyone wants the Back to the Future sneakers

Nike Mag will be available in May as part of a series of charity auctions in favor of Michael J. Fox Foundation for Research on Parkinson's disease.

The actor tweeted a letter handwritten by legendary designer Tinker Hatfield Nike: "Although the project The Nike in May began as something of science fiction, we are now proud to make fiction a reality. A few hours after the Fox Foundation, which has raised over 9.4 million dollars in 2011 with sales of themed Nike Back to the Future but without self-connections, published a picture of the actor with his own pair of Nike Mag, complete with luminescent logo: It is real. And today. Arriving in the spring of 2016.

The Nike Back to the Future will be on sale in 2016. They will be first offered during a charity auction in favor of the foundation of Michael J. Fox and then they will be on the market. The Internet exploded to celebrate the Back to the Future Day. Today the long continuous wave with the announcement that Nike has actually made the shoes worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future - Part 2. The Nike in May, so they are called, will be sold in the spring of 2016, and if by chance you do not remember how they are presented in the film.

Nike Mag

There are still details on price, but Nike promises to reveal them in time through its channels. What we know now is that the shoes will be sold at an auction whose proceeds will go to the foundation of Michael J. Fox for research on Parkinson's disease which the actor diagnosed in 1991 and made public seven years later.

A previous auction of Nike, held in 2011, picked up $ 9.4 million, and everything seems to indicate that the event of 2016 will be just as lucky. To begin to warm the hearts of fans of Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox was presented last night, during the Jimmy Kimmel Live, wearing just the shoes in question.

Charities in part, Nike is developing a technology to make a shoe type capable of reading the movements of the wearer and to adjust accordingly the tension of the strings. The intention is to sell it to professional athletes and then exploit their fame to flood the market. Impossible for now to know when and how.