Mafia 3 Review, Download, Gameplay, Release

Mafia 3 is a video game developed by the study team Hangar 13, part of 2K Games, and is the third installment in the series Mafia. It was made available on October 7 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, MacOS. The mobile version, also released on the same day and is titled Mafia 3 Rivals. At E3 2016 the game received 60 awards.

On August 5, 2015 was presented at the Gamescom 2015 trailer where the main character, Lincoln Clay, an African-American boy returning from the Vietnam War, directed with his car towards a swamp; moments later, the camera cuts an immobilized man. At your destination, Lincoln gets out and drags the man immobilized by the water of the swamp full of crocodiles, who will eat it alive. To witness that scene there are also the three companions of Lincoln: Kurke, Cassandra and Vito Scaletta (protagonist of Mafia 2).

The game is set in New Orleans (in the New Bordeaux) game in 1968 and will deal with the Clay Lincoln affairs, African-American boy and Vietnam veteran, he was orphaned as a child and welcomed by a mafia family which is a father and a brother adopted. When they are killed along with the rest of the family by the Mafia South closely linked to racism and racial segregation and led by Sal "Sammy" Marcano decides to take revenge by forming their own criminal organization combining respectively Irish mob, Haitian Mafia and Italian mafia and removing the head of the Mafia, architect of the death of his dear.

Mafia III is an open world in which we should eliminate all the bands affiliated to the mafia in all neighborhoods of New Bordeaux (New Orleans). The game will allow players to complete missions in the way most congenial to him: for example, we could destroy the racket of a neighborhood or attacking criminals to ensure that the truck does not arrive with the cargo or destroying it. We may terminate the telephone lines in the neighborhood making it vulnerable informants who would call for reinforcements and so on.

Following the controversy over the 30fps lock, the developers have left a comment on the official website of Mafia III: At the moment we are working on a patch that includes options for 30, 60 and unlimited fps on the menu, along with other improvements for the PC version of Mafia III. Now we are testing the patch to make sure everything works as intended. If everything went well, we should launch an update this weekend. we'll keep the community of PC gamers updated state of patches throughout the weekend and thanks for all the feedback!

Yesterday Hangar 13 confirmed the block at 30 fps of the PC version of Mafia III and, apparently, it has enraged Steam users. At the moment, as you can see in the page dedicated to the game, there are well 944 negative and 847 positive reviews. Note that many of the negative refer only to the fps block. In short, despite the developers announcement that it is working on a patch to unlock the fluidity, users do not seem to have swallowed their initial choice.