Dear Zindagi - Review, Cast, Songs, Story

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After the huge success English Vinglish, it was obvious that I would keep an eye on the career of Gauri Shinde. In the middle of the same film universe, we find ourselves immersed in the life of Kaira (Alia Bhatt) and his work as director of photography. If at first glance, everything seems to work for her, pretty soon we realize that it is only the beginning of her career and aspires to do more.

Gradually, the image of her little too cool world crumbles. Her relationships with men are disastrous and in the end, she is left with her friends. Nevertheless, we feel that she cannot really talk to them. From Mood swings, difficulty sleeping at night, nervousness, Kaira wonder if the problem of all that falls on her, is not just her. And that's when she hears Dr. Jehangir Khan speak at a conference who may perhaps be able to help her understand what is happening. Thus begins a journey toward self-discovery.

Let's talk about what works in the film. Alia Bhatt is very fair in her role and manages to touch the viewer in the same way as Shahrukh Khan, who is absolutely convincing in voice of reason. The duo works and is frankly dynamic. The rest of the cast from men who punctuate the emotional life of Kaira, friends and family are too limited. A small mention for Ira Dubey, who deserved more space in the character of Fatima.

The direction, locations in Goa, the decorations and the details make the charm of the film and are well kept. There is nothing to say, as Dear Zindagi is very enjoyable to watch.

Dear Zindagi focus on Kaira and the riddle she represents. And with so much focus on her, the other characters do not have time to exist. During the first part, they really cling to successfully understand is that in relation to it, but more importantly, to see the impact they each have in her life. What is unfortunate is that they seem unnecessary and will not help Kaira. No, the only way she has to get out is to see a psychologist. And the film seems to have a real purpose only when Dr. Jehangir Khan comes in.

Depression is a more common experience than is believed and the film gives the impression of flying over the subject without ever really talking in depth. You really have to be careful to understand that Kaira suffers, as what surrounds us seems normal and far from unpleasant. Some moments are a bit flat and it is not impossible that you may be in front of cinema with clich├ęs or sequences that are not important for the progress of the story. But we never get bored. The pace allows us to watch the film without having the time to dwell on its faults.

For me, Dear Zindagi is not a feel-good movie, despite some touching moments. It grows to reflection, to ask questions. I emerge from the theatre with the urge to crunch the life to the full, but just one look in my city if there was not a look-alike Dr. Jehangir Khan.