Book Review: Perfect Prescription - Aparajitha Nagesh

Perfect Prescription for Broken Hearts Aparajitha Nagesh

Perfect Prescription for Broken Hearts by Aparajitha Nagesh is a novel full of suspense, to be read in one breath that is macabre, creepy and scary too, but behind this book is a deep sense of friendship, platonic love that upsets the existence of a few and that makes you realize that in after all, it is the only thing that matters.

This expedition takes us back in time to the college days of the gynaecologist Hrudi, where she falls into step with Aditi and was at all times at loggerheads with the hunk, Hrishikesh Datta but the whole thing changed when cupid struck on both the parties and life became even more beautiful, who rediscovers through the life experiences of other characters, the maturity of an adult feeling that transcends everything, until the predestined take place, crumpling down her planet like a pack of cards.

When she was still coping with the misery, a new blow hit her like a wrecking ball and she was razed to the floor once again and the forlorn Hrudi, after years decides that the ideal remedy to her endless fortitude is to put a full stop to her existence once and for all but as she prepares to finish her life, Hrish awaits the one big row that he feared for years.

Beyond the mysterious affair, on the border between shock and fantasy, to the twists and the evocative settings of college life, ever so darkly handsome, there are the unforgettable characters, who through their past, their broken dreams and, always just out of love, face trials and distressing suffering.

The part of the charm of the story is the college days and the tension, in a few pages, is so strong that transports you word after word. The end is breathtaking, but of course I will not reveal. Keeping the reader in her grip, the author manipulates the feelings with situations that will describe the emotions, hopes about the characters and events that manage to create a strong empathy and bond with the characters.

With a fantastic plot that does not leave you until you read the last word and the tale despite being written with a very simple style tell an intriguing, fascinating and exciting story. The author will capture your attention without using heavy or courtly medical terms, so we venture into a beautiful story and definitely a nice reading.

The pace and reading is smooth and in this way, the reader can immediately focus the scenes and images that evoke short sentences in his mind. In some places there is suspense mixed with anxiety.

You just have to live this extraordinary novel, page after page, because the curiosity involves the heart of the reader into wanting to fully understand the valid reasons that prompted Hrudi to live holed up, which will bring to light some mysterious and shocking truths, through their almost imperceptible, but deep bond.

The story is original, very pleasant and intriguing to read. The conclusion will be unexpected and bitter, but the beauty of the book is to recognize in every page the profound reality of life.

Love, life, death, reality, fantasy, pain are some of the many feelings that the author devotes us with this work. A novel that has to be understood and appreciated for what it is, you can like or dislike it, but it invites reflection. It has a magic vision, almost surreal, and no doubt love dominates the people, the events and the whole world. I highly recommend getting lost in this reading that will leave you with a bitter sweet feeling.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 326 ♥ Published: 12 September 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352016129