Book Review: The Monsoon Murders - Karan Parmanandka

The Monsoon Murders by Karan Parmanandka is a strong crime novel as the roots of an old tree, addictive like a chase in the woods, as brave as those who can look into the eyes of truth with the beauty is that the story is fluid and truly fun so that the suspense is even more intriguing.

Roy is a cop who prefers to use his brain on work and not his gun, who love solitude and silence, and has a little brusque character but soon is destined to an existence of insignificance as he is ignobly discharged from the police force.

On the other hand, when an eminent gentleman from within the Mumbai business sphere is found dead, Roy is hired by the self made industrialist Jayesh Kumar to investigate the case. While Roy is keyed up at the possibility at salvation, he can’t wobble off the sensation that he is being placed as collateral.

What looked primarily as an open and shut case, pretty quickly evolves into a saga of deceitfulness in addition to settling of scores as his individual life gets attached to the success of the case, and the problem becomes, not whether he can have trust in strangers, but whether he can depend on his acquaintances.

Written with skill and competence, it is a lean and intriguing mystery, nice for the setting and the ability to keep alive the curiosity, with the atmosphere, the characters, everything is attractive and not too heavy.

This book was a surprise and the descriptions are beautiful. I must say that the authors style has involved me from the first page as the story is intense and is well written and the rhythm is tight. The characters are well built, and behind them you can see the author's effort to create a nice plausible suspense.

A crime novel set in Mumbai is definitely great especially if you know the city well and the author, in my opinion has aced it with the characters are centered, especially Roy, the protagonist who is never cloying, and appear convincing because of his credible portrait. The book reads quickly and you will fell in love with the protagonist.

Surely it is a good detective novel, which is well-written and compelling, and the characters are described very well whom you will immediately like, along with the great protagonist with the strengths and weaknesses of a normal man who may have been a policeman.

The book is very good with the plot is perfect and engrossing and has a nice pace with surprise ending, all written with great descriptive ability and fluent and captivating language with a tight rhythm, which managed with wisdom and ability to hold the reader attached to the plot.

I have to say that the book reads quickly in a wonderful narrative, which is very exciting and fluid, with a simple and straightforward style with the twists arranged properly in sequence.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ○ Published: 27 July 2016 ○ ISBN-13: 978-9382665748 ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 200