Book Review: Flares of Love - Arti Rai and Shekhar Tiwari

Flares of Love by Arti Rai and Shekhar Tiwari contains short poems with very dense fabric textures and freshness of insight and liveliness of poetic inspiration in terms of originality that has depth and modernity of thought with passionate and lively dialogue between man and the object of his faith or his love.

The experience and especially the feeling of love are declined, rather than having direct spontaneity, through the mediation of images and symbols until the coldness and abstruseness of a conceptual gem.

The poems are inscribed, with apparent ease, in the wake of the carpe diem, which echoes on an ancient theme, perhaps the only one who can make sure the immortal poetry that never ceases to tire, and again, and constantly moves us, because it speaks of love, the only human instinct that render reason in its infinite permutations and variations.

Here are love poems in which nature reign supreme with the sweetness of love, with strong lines and verses that show spontaneous emotions, presenting itself as an art, concerned above all to impose order, by filtering the immediacy of the senses through the sieve of reason and will.

In the poems the feelings of self idealistic conventions and rhetorical skills do not prevail, but harmoniously fuse into fluid and regular lines, enhanced by copious words that confounds the pleasure of poetry like a spark of intellect and feeling, which creates unusual and striking images with words.

The poets then invite us to enjoy the joys of physical love where love and pleasure are likely to outweigh the ominous thought of an empty eternity. In this way, the poetry becomes a meditation on time and human destiny with the idea of abundance and happiness and the vitality and dynamism of love.

This book is the celebration of love which was characterized by the frequent presence of puns, ambiguities and paradoxes. The excellence of the loved one is counterbalanced by the lover's despair, as the poets recognizes that love is nobler than the despair of hope.

The poems show love can happen anywhere. Although physically separated poles, the two lovers are like two celestial bodies close and lost in contemplation of each other and their love can nothing but an envious work of fate and as such symbolizes the state of primitive innocence and peace, a place whose pleasures are reserved for the thoughtful.

With its sweet smells and sounds, the book captures in full to deliver to the reader the poets thoughts, who finds the courage to reaffirm the belief that virtue alone is free, with strong and clear words, as we rediscover, through the poetry, the colours, the sounds, the smells of what is around us, the looks, affections and the needs of those around us.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 91 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Published: 10 August 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9385945311