Book Review: Arrkaya: Origins - Yashas Mahajan

Arrkaya: Origins Yashas Mahajan

Arrkaya: Origins by Yashas Mahajan is an atypical book through a series of interwoven stories of elements inherited from the fantastic narrative and the often scary and suspenseful plot that aims to outline a world filled of intrigues. The book is definitely one of the finest examples of contemporary fantasy literature, innovative and at the same time firmly anchored to the basic pillars of the genre.

A faction of youthful heroes, hailing from different kingdoms and classes, move towards in concert to get ready against a formidable threat, as an obscured adversary, with most political leaders already under his thumb, and a menacing militia of monsters under his command, threatens to tear down Arrkaya. They have to look after the interests of their populace and scrap the distrust among themselves as the ill-omened cloud prevails over the continent of Nyvarda and the wobbly sense of balance among the existing powers.

In the kingdom everything is possible, where reality and fantasy mingle and merge with each other to become one. Ever since I read the extract, I was fascinated by the language used, a concentration of thoughts written voicing the characters who managed to get me totally in their mind because in this novel you will find dialogues and events.

This is a compelling novel in the description of the events that take place and in the description of the characters and motives that move them. The author is detailed in describing the kingdom and their culture, which is never trivial or boring, as he takes the reader, who will be immediately attracted, until the last page, in a final open than ever.

Fantasy is an ugly beast, impossible to tame, giving you strong and sturdy wings to lift you up in the air and you are torn away from reality and when remains suspended in the air, cradled in a vacuum, you can only expect to crash into the ground of the truth. I need to write, to flee, and to leave, to experience new flavours and smells. I need to travel to places never visited and to meet people never known, escape and seek asylum in the dreams of my imagination.

This is a special book that made me lose the pages, suspended in a place on the border between fantasy and reality that is fragile as a house of dreams that could sink in the quicksand of true life.

This is a fascinating book, which takes us into a vortex of imaginative evocations of pure creative power, in a firework of emotions that continues to envelop us and involve us with a book, that is difficult describe but leaves me spellbound. Cleverly written with perfect harmony between descriptive parts and narrative dialogues, the volume definitely gives us some of the best and most touching pages of modern fantasy.

This intelligent novel with an original plot that is reliable, make it an extraordinary narrative that is beautiful, and to be enjoyed from cover to cover, with the beautiful perception that surely will follow.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 378 ♥ Published: 5 August 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352016099