Book Review: Agniputr - Vadhan

Agniputr: When Agni First Spoke by Vadhan is a novel full of adventure and constructed very carefully without ever being annoying, but rather the author creates a healthy tension until the end with the environments are extremely accurate, as well as the characterization of the characters, as each one of them, even the most insignificant, is presented to the reader in all its nuances.

Leading lawyer, Raghuram Surya was little oblivious of the Sutram underneath his familial castle or his individual bequest when, he received an instruction of take over from the Government and sooner than later, he takes on Kiromal, a most authoritative politician completely gripped with clout.

Kiromal and his creepy Tantric advisor have it in mind to bring into play the iniquity under the citadel to play as supernatural beings. Raghuram finds a partner in Sheila, a scientist who is tasked to look into the Sutram. By means of Quantum science to read between the lines of a Vedic rhyme, they will have to disentangle the secrets of its foundation to impede the damage.

As Kiromal connect with the evil to rule the planet Raghuram and Sheila have to be one stride in front of Kiromal just to stay alive in an even deadlier fixture.

The book distracts the reader from the place, literally and symbolically, where begins the story. The core narrative is there, where there must return all the characters, looking for an explanation of a belated truth.

It is hard to find words to describe and summarize the feelings and emotions that the book arouses, as the setting is well focused and the story well articulated, which never overlap, or is never hasty and the book flows placidly in a nice and slow manner.

It is more difficult to measure up to the time of the novel. The events experienced by the protagonist, are always narrated in moderation with tones that are never excessive or mere flights of fancy with a deep complete novel, which you will miss when you arrive at the end and hope there is a sequel.

With beautiful writing and sensitivity the author portrays the character of the characters, as if they were looking for something that they can never really achieve. Everyone has been designed to perfection, perhaps too the balance in the characterization of opposite profiles, the dosage of feelings and conflicting ways of life, with the precise and accurate mix of location antipodes.

The writer proves to be great at depicting stories and characters. The beginning is a little subdued, but improves soon developing a compelling story with an ending that excites in a beautiful novel. With extraordinary characters described with remarkable ability, the book is not to be missed as the author has the uncanny ability to explain in detail such feelings as the landscapes and has certainly facilitated to have the foundation needed to tell his stories that unfold across multiple places.

It is one of those novels in which things not only happen, rather it is one of those books where, in the closing pages, all the pieces are placed and the actions of the characters take on a meaning that before were not expected. The narrative is striking for the small number of people involved, who all seem barricaded themselves in their own world those who are locked up in the cage of tradition, trapped in politics until it becomes a victim.

ISBN-13: 978-9386141071 • Binding: Paperback • Published: 15 September 2016 • Publisher: Bloomsbury India • Pages: 364 • Language: English