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How many of you invoked a return to the Second World War with the two heavyweights of Electronic Arts and Activision? Many judge by the online chatter. If the Infinity Ward guys have chosen to betray our expectations, bringing their endless war in the future, DICE has instead taken the opposite step making us take a step back by hundred years in a time to land on the bloody battlefields of the First World War.

That's right, the Great War of 1914-1918. No Normandy landings, no siege of Stalingrad or taking of Berlin. We are in the trenches, the real one; we are in the vast plains between France and Belgium, but we are also on the desert plains where he fought Lawrence of Arabia and in Karst. This is the title of the new DICE project to be released on October 21, in practice a new beginning but of continuity for the Swedish team.

Submitting that there has been accompanying the worldwide streaming focused on one word: Diving. The Swedish guys want the player and his companions feel lowered into the battlefield, which will be broader and, it seems, the more destructible than previous releases in the series. We saw small buildings, small houses, towers, churches and of course admissions among the trenches blown up in a blaze of dust and particle effects, either by artillery bombardment, either because the mines placed by sappers.

Even a hundred years ago methods for blowing up things tunes and people were not lacking, do not worry. It's still early to talk about content in the strict sense, in fact reveal that the London showed what the tone of the game, but there have been important information. The involvement goes not only for a technical sector and especially if you can sound better than that seen in Battlefront, but for a much more physical gameplay.

We all know the notorious assaults with the bayonet the enemy trenches, which will be only one way among many to conquer a goal. Great importance will be given to the close combat with weapons such as maces and spades, the latter so useful to dig in the mud as effective to split the head of an enemy. But this is only one aspect of a game that seems to be seen as effectively translate the modern warfare in a historic location.

Personal weapons are not so different from those of today, maybe they were just heavier and less compact, but equally lethal single-shot bolt action rifles and sniper guns, small machine guns and much heavier machine guns, grenades and above all the terror of the trenches, a shotgun. There is everything you would expect from an episode of Battlefield, of course, marked by a voluminous customization path which unfortunately did not want to reveal anything, and that of course will be the basis for the four classes of the game: Support, doctor, Assault and Scout. One hundred years ago One hundred years ago

And these are only the foundations of the gameplay, which as usual revolves around mechanical Chinese morra where every asset, weapons or means, has a nemesis that can neutralize his strengths. And vice versa. Then of course there are the means and those that seem real special units. The trailer and related gameplay footage they were shown different types of tanks, with one or more guns, armored cars, Zeppelins, huge battleships, armored trains and planes.

Here, imagine that to pierce the smoke and dust raised by a barrage of artillery face appeared in the trenches an iron monster with exposed bolts, certainly slow but armored and heavily armed, while in the sky whizzing biplanes that fight it and other aircraft, bomber, targeting the soldiers on the ground. This is Battlefield 1.

But what most surprised there are two units in particular the cavalry and armored soldiers equipped with flamethrowers or heavy machine gun. We do not know whether particular classes or some sort of bonus that we find around the map; no doubt, however, a charge of cavalry with drawn sword in the midst of the gas and the rumble of tanks should be an experience like no other. What we do know is that the tank driver and the driver are separate classes, and then in the game are only available for those who have chosen beforehand.

Speaking of the battlefield, DICE has shown the western front, French and Italian, and the eastern, in Arabia. We saw them in passing but does not seem right that maps are one-dimensional; the impression is that fronts are two parallel lines that look at each other, flat and static, but full-blown war zones, characterized not only by trenches but also from everything that makes entertaining a game like this, that is a level design that has nothing to envy to what the series has done so far, including structures, hills, mountains, valleys, roads submerged in mud, and so on.

Whoever thought that a play on the First world War would be terribly boring should think again. and then there's the desert setting, between villages and oases, possibly the largest of the game, so perfect for the cavalry and especially the scene of dogfights in the midst of rocky canyons that have nothing inferior to those seen in Star Wars: Battlefront.

The setting is the one that impressed us the most, but maybe we're biased. A beautiful green valley dotted with rocks, caves and small peaks, so much vertical short where to give the best as Scout sniper. Of the French maps we saw the classic setting that everyone expects thinking about the Great War, or the gray trenches between kilometers wrought by artillery barbed wire, but also the least recognizable and just as deadly green battlefields inside of the Argonne forest. we have not seen urban combat sections, but some of the game artwork show them and so it is likely that the final product will be present.

On a technical level the brutality and the physicality of the First World War were reproduced with great care, not only in terms of historical accuracy. The Battlefield of War to contemporary setting could appear almost impersonal in comparison to the one shown today, and not just because the mace are as effective as a shot from large-caliber sniper. Everything seems more dirt, the rain floods the maps, almost hear the soldiers struggled in the mud, and the usual spectacle of special effects caused by destruction generated by the motor Frostbyte dramatically amplifies the degree of involvement.

Really a good show to all latitudes, both in the sunny plains of Arabia, both in the highlands to the plains on the border with Belgium. And that's just the multiplayer. We will of course also a campaign of which we know will have not just a hero, but will follow the story of several soldiers on several fronts. A "classical" approach, we could say, a direct offshoot of titles such as Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. But in the words of the DICE guys will ensure a number of "only in Battlefield moments", typical unique moments of the series, that will make it memorable and epic.

Ultimately this reveal of Battlefield 1 has left us pleasantly surprised with a undoubtedly unprecedented historical setting. The Great War DICE, full of involvement, the brutal physicality and obviously the team play, it seems to be really interesting, very different from the modern but also very similar on balance.

In less than a month, at E3 in Los Angeles, we can play with Battlefield 1 but for now we go back home with a positive feeling and so many promises from developers, in which hopefully will find a complete form when the game will arrive on the shelves on October 21 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Battlefield is a series of the kind of first-person war shooter video games developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts. The series provides exclusive titles for the platform Windows, and other exclusive prerogative of the console. The securities, despite also involve a mode Single Player, have found particularly successful in being played online, in mode Multiplayer . Initially, the online mode was the prerogative of only the titles for the platform Windows; However, with the advent of next-generation console equipped with internet connection, the possibility has also been extended to PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Battlefield 1942 is the first title in the series for the platform Windows ; the setting is that of World War II and involves the impersonation of a soldier who may belong to the Allied front (then US Army, English or Russian) or to Axis (then German army, Italian or Japanese). In the game we are witnessing the perfect reproduction of weapons, tools and scenarios that have characterized the 2nd World War. The game has two official expansions titled The Road to Rome, letter. The road to Rome and Secret Weapons of WWII, letter. Secret Weapons of the 2nd World War, and two unofficial expansions but widely used, entitled Desert Combat and DC Final, which add new vehicles, weapons and maps to the original game.

Battlefield Vietnam is the second title in the series, after two years away from Battlefield 1942; the platform of choice is always Windows. The setting is that of the Vietnam War, which so sees the marines of the United States cope with the Vietnamese army. Again EA oversaw a perfect reproduction of weapons, tools and scenarios that have characterized the war. The game did not produce expansions, possibly because of the less successful than reported in Battlefield 1942 .

Battlefield 2 is the title that has consecrated the series Battlefield a cornerstone of the online first person shooting. The events of the game deal with a hypothetical war in the near future, whose contenders include the Marine Corps of the United States (USMC), the People's Republic of China (PRC), and the Coalition Middle East (CMO). The resounding success of the game has led to the production of an expansion (Special Forces) and two Booster Pack (Euro Force and Armored Fury).

Battlefield: Modern Combat is the first title in the series to be adapted for consoles; the game's story dealing with a fictitious war between the forces of NATO and China . They will have to fight each other in Kazakhstan The game provides, in addition to a campaign in single player, even the ability to play online.

Battlefield 2142 is the fourth title of the license plate number EA/DICE excluding those for consoles. The game is set in the XXII century, during a new ice age; the two opposing factions are the European Union (EU) and Pan-Asian Coalition (CPA). At the end of the 2007 EA she released the first Booster Pack game: Northern Strike.

Battlefield: Bad Company is the second title in the series for the console, which uses the graphics engine Frostbite , developed by the same DICE . The game, scheduled for platforms PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 , revolves around the adventures of a team of four US Army soldiers (the Bad Company , to be precise); as background, the story of a fictitious war between the Russian Federation and the United States , probably to issues related to the control of major oil fields.

Battlefield 1943 is a first person shooter, created by EA DICE. It can be played only online, on three maps that represent as many of the Pacific islands. The game can be purchased for only console via PlayStation Store and Xbox Live. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 implement the new graphic engine Frostbite 1.5, developed by Digital Illusions CE . The game was released for PS3 , PC and Xbox 360. On 18 December, output expansion Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam , which adds some multiplayer maps set in Vietnam.

The shooter from DICE available from fall 2011 is the sequel to Battlefield 2 and implements the new Frostbite engine 2.0. It was released for consoles and PC. He speaks of a war between the United States and the FDP in Asia, where you play as a marine sergeant who aim will be to prevent a terrorist attack in New York, after another happened in Paris. In addition to marine Henry Blackburn, you can use the character Dimitri Dima Mayakovsky, which will operate for the same purpose.

It has been officially announced by Electronic Arts during the promotional campaign of Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the sequel to Battlefield 3. Posted October 31, 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, November 22 for Xbox One and November 29 for the PlayStation 4. Available on the platform Origin. The fifth chapter will be presented May 6, 2016. The game is called Battlefield 1, set during the First World War. It will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Battlefield Heroes is a series title available only on Microsoft Windows that presents completely different traits compared to those in other chapters: it is a shooter game in cartoon style and has been developed at the EA Digital Illusions CE , on production of Electronic Arts . He was put on the market on June 25, 2009. Battlefield Heroes was the first of the Electronic Arts game totally free downloadable from the official website and programming expenses were primarily rewarded with advertising on the official website and at the close of play, as well as by selling items to customize the look of their avatar within the game.

Battlefield Online is a first person shooter developed by DICE, EA and Neowiz Games and produced by the latter. The game is a remake of Battlefield 2, but with a modified version of the graphics engine Battlefield 2142 having a higher power. Battlefield Play4Free is a free of charge in its basic version. Within the game you can buy and customize their equipment even if EA does not guarantee the continuity of the use of what is purchased. The game incorporates most of its maps from Battlefield 2 (Basra, Dalian, Dragon Valley, Karkand, Mashtuur, Oman and Sharqi).

Battlefield Hardline is a spin-off of Battlefield 4 console dedicated to old-gen and next-gen, and Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Battlefield Hardline is set in a scenario where they clash the faction Police and the faction of the criminals. Clashes take place in urban landscapes, although there are some environments in more naturalistic theme.

Will be present, as in Battlefield 4, the Levolution, or the ability to drastically change the game scenario through destructive events. The game was put on the market by the first quarter of 2015. The game is fully developed by Visceral Games already famous for the series Dead Space.