Teacher's Day: Importance and Celebrations

Before we talk about the Teacher's day we want to talk about the most remote times. Education was an art, in that era where teachers were idols and a sign of wisdom. The first thinkers who gave way to sciences to strengthen knowledge were teachers. They were nonconformists who sought to promote critical thinking in their students. There were the likes of Socrates and his successor Plato and Aristotle.

Hundreds of centuries passed. It contributed to the fact that the figure of the teacher exalted his great work. It contributed to the illustration of thought. It forged those who would be the future leaders of society. The educators before any other professional are the guardians of civilization. In the middle age, the priests took a great measure of political power. The image of the latter was never clouded to the point that education was only possible for the nobles. It was a privilege for a few.

At that time the priests were the political center that ruled the world. Education as a means to conduct society itself got regulated by this. All those knowledge imparted at the time got governed under the precepts of the priests. All that was outside this jurisdiction was a complete heresy or falsehood.

At that time education was a privilege for those destined. They were to occupy posts of great importance for the country. Still, it had no objection to being faithful to the idea of gratitude. The universality of education led him to take care of the education of the children. And to a great extent of the less favored ones.

And it seems like a universal law. Everything that goes up has to go down. Likewise, the image of the educator as time passed suffered great damage. It trampled the same society that someday exalted. But it is worrying to ignore the great work of the educator in society.

Teacher's day wants to exalt the effort and mobilization of educators. They rose up against the society to claim their rights. They got discontented by the little consideration on the part of the state. Which in turn does not pay as it should great work they perform?

On September 5, it has become one of the most significant dates of India as it celebrates Teacher's Day. This homage is for those people who carry out such a worthy task. They bring knowledge from generation to generation instructing our children from the beginning. They inculcate values that will serve to become good children and good parents. The good people in society help banish drugs and the corruption that has done so much damage to the youth.

The Teacher's Day serves to be aware of what happens the teacher. They live different realities according to where it fulfills its work. They are throughout our extensive and varied geography. The function they fulfill is anonymous and does not stop to be valuable. It has the important mission of sowing the seed of knowledge among his disciples.

He has to face the harshest conditions of weather, climate or region. The teacher gives himself completely to his educational work. He is aware that it is up to him to merge the foundation of which the future citizens of our country. The good men will magnify the society through study, work, and the values. These get instilled in the years of schooling. Women and men dedicate themselves to forming useful and honest citizens. They want to make a great, inclusive and united homeland.

What does teacher mean?

A teacher is lavish in semantic qualities who serves to decorate the meritorious. We can see that the work of the teacher is not simple. It must mold with imagination, strict fulfillment of the academic objectives and patience. The students will be the future of our country who will be in charge of strengthening a nation. The heterogeneity of its population coexists in different ways of thinking and action.

With a doodle, Internet search engine Google celebrates the Teacher's Day. With this animated doodle, the company recognizes the work of mentors. They help in teaching children and youth to expand their minds and creativity. It aims to raise awareness about the importance and role of teachers in the education system. The UNESCO proclaimed October 5 as World Teacher's Day.