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It arrives without notice the announcement of the postponement for South Park: Clashes-Righteous, the new RPG based on the famous animated series published by Ubisoft, just a few days away from the last published gameplay video.

It was expected to arrive on December 6, 2016, but now the game has been officially moved to the first quarter of 2017, as per Ubisoft's official blog. We do not know at the time what the new launch date will be, but we can expect, therefore, a time placed in the first months of next year. A logic, should not be behind particular technical problems, thus the displacement may be simply dictated by strategic choices and may not lead to a particularly long postponement.

In any case, the excuse indicated by Ubisoft is the traditional one, with the team that it wants to make sure to reach the expected quality level and thus needs a little extra time to reach the goal. We look forward to a new launch date for South Park: Clashes-Righteous.

The first announcement, many have looked at the calendar assured it was April 1st. It discarded this hypothesis, and has caught on one of the joke, considering that in the speech was part Clashes-Righteous, new video game dedicated to South Park. But it was enough to go to the stand of Ubisoft, during the Gamescom, to realize that the Nosulus Rift is a real object. What is it?

Excluding various jokes, it is a mask ready to enact certain scent based on the videogame scene. And since we are talking of South Park, and a lot of explanation, it is easy to understand what it smells: flatulence.

Developed by the studio Productman, Buzzman division that deals with creating alternatives to push certain brands, in the name and presentation mimics the famous helmet virtual reality Oculus Rift. But there is good that keeps its promises, releasing on command of the redoubtable as realistic virtual fart. How does it work? In a simple way and in some aspects, innovative.

When necessary, the special game emits ultrasonic imperceptible to the human ear, but sufficient to activate a sensor integrated in Nosulus Rift. The which, at this point, in turn activates a cartridge dispenser, which drop it flatulence. The result, on the one hand triggers the hilarity, the other can, in effect, to immerse the player in the game. An evolved version, in short, the Smell-O-Vision of the 60 system.