Thursday, September 1, 2016

Samsung Gear S3 Review and Price

Samsung Gear S3

During this year at the IFA, the technology fair in Berlin, Samsung decided to extend its collection of smartwatches, presenting two new models. The Classic Gear S3 and Gear S3 Frontier put together some elements of the previous generation, flanked by the functions related to the fitness of the Gear Fit2. Discover in our first review about the new wearables the brand offers!

Launch and price

At the time Samsung has not revealed us the availability and the official price of the two new models of Gear S3. We expect the price of the two wearables will be approximately 349-500 euro, thereby leading to a decrease in the price of the Gear S2. The Classic Gear S3 and Gear S3 Frontier probably will hit the market in October.

While the Gear S2 and its Classic variant were made in different colors, the choice narrows with two new wearables. The Gear S3 Classic will be available only in silver while the Frontier can be purchased only in black. This shows that the Samsung Gear S3 has decided to focus on male users, as opposed to Gear S2, aimed at a female audience.

In Asia, and probably in North America, the brand will also release an LTE version of the device. Whereas the 3G version of the S2 Gear was sold a few months after the official launch, we expect that the LTE version of the Gear S3 arrivals with some months of delay.

Design and assembly

As for the design, Samsung has decided not to introduce big changes in Gear S3 Classic and Frontier, beyond the fact that both wearable show a more masculine look. This is mainly due to the most important dimensions of the two smartwatch and bezel showing on both the visible markings models.

To make them more masculine, are added then the straps of 2 mm wider that measure 22 mm to 20 mm Gear S2. By default, the S3 Gear Classic features a leather strap, while the Frontier opts for a plastic strap. The latter has the advantage of being more resistant to water and sweat. Thanks to IP68 certification, the new smartwatch are both resistant to water and dust.

Just like the Gear and Gear Fit2 S2, the two Gear S3 models house two physical buttons on the right. In the variant Frontier keys are quite flat and easy to locate without looking through the dashed design that allows you to distinguish between them by touch. The top button allows you to go back and the bottom allows you to access the home screen.


I mounted the display on the Classic Gear S3 and Gear S3 Frontier are 0.1 inches larger than those of the previous generation versions (1.2 inches). The resolution remains the same: 360x360 pixels. The Gear S3 supports anti-aliasing that can prevent unpleasant effects such as jagged edges of letters and numbers.

During a brief test we found no significant differences in the brightness of the screen Gear S3 than the Gear S2. Once we receive the devices in the newsroom, we will test them thoroughly to provide further information on the performance of the screen.


How to Gear and gear Fit2 S2, Samsung also uses the S3 Gear Tizen operating system. According to a statement from the brand, Samsung itself offers 10,000 applications for smartwatch. From the software side, the Gear S3 shows some improvements such as the ability to install apps directly from the smartwatch.

Thanks to the bezel and the physical buttons on Samsung Gear S3, as before the Gear S2, is particularly easy to use. Tizen is perfectly suited to Gear S3 and hardly need to read the instruction manual. All the new sensors have been taken into consideration in the new version of Tizen to monitor all data related to physical activity. You can also use the barometer, and monitor the current speed.

Interesting is also the possibility to start an emergency call by providing information on your location. Just press the bottom button three times and the data is sent. Another new feature is the ability to call using the microphone and built-in speaker. Questionable choice to make the public call. It is still an interesting feature, which allows to call without having the handy smartphone.

Samsung allows you to connect the Gear S3 not only to Android devices. Who uses an iPhone will in the future rely on a Gear S3 rather than an Apple Watch. The corresponding app for iOS has been recently built in South Korea in a beta test. Once this preliminary test will be concluded successfully, the iOS app release should take initiation.


As mentioned above, Samsung has made some small changes. This also applies to the hidden components within the smartwatch. The clock of the dual-core processor is not a big change, but innovation is in the detail. The processor is an Exynos, which includes the LTE capability.

The new processor provides 768MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory available for the operating system, applications, and audio data. The Gear S3 offers an MP3 player, which can also take advantage during the jogging. The applications of some charging times were a bit 'slow but it should be remembered that what is tested is not an end device and that the problem may be related to the coupling of the device with Notes 7. We will put to the test in a test S3 Gear in-depth to find out how he copes in everyday use.


Samsung has made a great leap regarding the battery, thanks to the larger body. The Gear S2 integrates a battery of 250 mAh, while the Gear S3 it offers a 380mAh, about 50% more capacity. We do not know when such performance in terms of autonomy will be able to offer the battery considering the Super AMOLED display of 1.3 inches, the processor and the new sensors.

As soon as the final models will be available, we will test them to provide more information on the real performance of the device.


At first glance, both the Classic Gear S3 and the Frontier are two compelling devices. Within a larger body put together the functionalities for the Fitness Gear Fit2 and those of Gear S2.

Samsung has expanded its family of wearable proposing a Gear S3 dedicated to the male audience, so as to provide an almost complete range of wearables.

We have in front two revolutionary wearables which are an extension of the well thought of wearables market. If compatibility with iOS can be ensured without restrictions, I am sure that many owners of Apple Watch users will move to Gear S3. Not all, but a small part would.