Rangoli Designs For Diwali

by - October 07, 2017

Rangoli is an ancient Indian tradition to create elaborate motifs. We can often see it during Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights. They get made of colorful flowers or powder. You can also create Rangoli with many other materials in different sizes. It can be an elaborate one by experienced artists or a simplified fun pastime for children.

Take a piece of black paper in the size of your choice. It should be large enough to paint details, but not so large that it becomes a very long project.

Decide on a motif. Symmetrical patterns based on drawings of animals and plants are usually taken. Flowers are very popular. You can check out the internet on the internet or borrow a book about Indian art.

Draw the motif with pencil on your paper. Do not press too hard so you can erase it if necessary. Once you get satisfied with your subject, draw it with white chalk. This is an important part for beginners, while experienced artists can skip him.

Paint your motif with colored chalk. This is the most interesting part and brings the most fun. Use as many colors as you like. Make it in your corridor, your living room or your kitchen so that as many people can see and admire it.

Rangoli for beginners

Beginners can first try the Rangoli for children on paper or on the floor. Think about where you want to make your Rangoli. You can take paper or the ground as it is the tradition. If you want to make it on the floor, make sure that you have enough room to leave.

Decide for a motif. For the most part, symmetrical patterns get based on drawings of animals and plants. Flowers are very popular. You can also look for designs on the Internet. Look for one that pleases you and is easy.

Draw the motif with a pencil or chalk. If you work on the ground, take only chalk. Once you get satisfied with your subject, draw the lines thicker. So you can see it better, especially when you work on the ground. For beginners, this is a very important step.

Highlight the outline of your motif. Roll a piece of newspaper paper to a funnel and cut the tip. Fill the funnel with semolina or sand. Raise the outline of your motif. Use your fingers to control the flow.

Fill your motif. This is the most interesting part and brings the most fun. You can take the color powder, dried flowers or sawdust. When you have taken paper, look for a nice place to present your work. If you put your Rangoli on the ground, move a few things if necessary, so that you can go well.

Rangoli for artists with more experience

If you have more experience, the goal is to create even more elaborate Rangoli.

Choose a traditional place for your Rangoli. You can work on the floor or on the wall. If you work on the ground, make sure that you are well past it and do not bother.

Decide for a motif. Whether you choose a simple or complex motif, it should be symmetrical. You can get inspired by a plant or an animal or create something very own. You could also be a figure or part of a story, as done at Rangoli. To get ideas, you can enter "Rangoli" on the Internet and choose a nice motif.

Make the motif on paper and plan your further steps. Be sure to draw clear lines. Leave enough space for the color and material you are going to fill your subject with.

What are you going to fill up your Rangoli? Sand, semolina, dried lentils, dried peas, color powder, dyed sand or sawdust. For a more elaborate Rangoli try to give it height and depth with the help of colors and materials. Then it will end up looking more beautiful and astonishing others.

Make the outline of your motif with semolina, dyed sand. Take some semolina in your hand and close it by pressing your fingertips together. Your hand should now look like a waffle bag, with your fingers forming the bottom tip. Point your fingers down and open them so that the meal can trickle out.

Fill your motif. This is the most interesting part and brings the most fun. To complete, you can take many different materials. Color powder mixed with flowers or leaves, color, dyed sand/ sawdust or whatever comes to your mind.

Give your Rangoli the finishing touches with candles, clay lanterns. Give free rein to your creativity.

Rangoli Tips

When you make Rangoli with children have spare material on hand. With older children, you can work well with crayons, felt pens or paint. To get a symmetrical pattern, you can paint a grid before you draw your motif. Have patience.

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