Raaz Reboot Movie - Review, Cast, Songs

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Raaz Reboot is the fourth installment of the successful horror film franchise Raaz. The Bhatt family is back with one of their most famous films which had a big success and catapulted Bipasha Basu in the group of stars. While their latest collaboration Mr. X resulted in the disastrous flop, Vikram Bhatt and Emraan Hashmi are back with the new project. From Kangana Ranaut through Esha Gupta, many actresses began their careers alongside Emraan Hashmi.

As the title suggests, this is a reboot of the Horror saga Raaz, where Emraan had held two times the lead role and always found success. Emraan this time held the role of a villain and has turned again with an unknown actress. The actress in question is Kriti Kharbanda and this is her first big project although she has shot some low budget films since 2012.

Shaina (Kriti Kharbanda) and Aditya (Emraan Hashmi) were once lovers. And then, for reasons unknown, Aditya decided to break. Broken and bitter, Shaina eventually rebuilds and met Rehaan (Gaurav Arora) with whom she has a new life. Working in a high position as finance officer, Rehaan is posted in Romania.

Shaina accompanies him and rents a lavish mansion. They just start settling down that Shaina feels an evil presence in the house, who over the days, eventually became insistent. Terrified, the woman confides in Rehaan, but he reacts with scorn and begins to move away from her. Shaina confides with a close friend who understands her but has no practical advice to give her. That's when Aditya reappears. He is already aware of the situation, and he knows the cause and the solution.

Tossed between the bland charm of Emraan and the lack of charisma of Gaurav Arora, a near novice who still has a long road ahead to the frail, Kriti Kharbanda, in a true lead role, that of a young dreamy and idealistic woman finds herself abruptly assailed by terrible visions.

It is always difficult to review a horror movie. There are so few good movies and it is a pretty hard life for a director who engages in this fascinating but difficult genre and runs the risk of repeating each time the same negative comments. Compared to previous versions of Raaz, this is not a sequel, and loses tension in horror, but focuses more convincingly on the psychology of the characters and of course, the ending. With more investment, you can see a certain stylistic evolution over the years, which is not spent in vain, as the interpretations are much more solid.

The screenwriting and directing are at the same level. The film is typical of Vishesh Films, with its qualities of relative realism, mysterious atmosphere, neat technique and excesses like inherent unnecessary songs, a bit daunting duration and photogenic glamor.

If one adds to an impressive musical theme and proper mystical scenario, we obtain a cozy little film as was Raaz, which was rather restrained, but in which there was style over substance and the sense of the atmosphere of terror. The Bhatts have already produced better movies, as the supernatural romance Saaya starring John Abraham and the solid Gangster, which brought together the Kangana/Emraan couple.

The fact remains that this semi-sequel grandiloquent thriller was a good commercial gamble for its producers, even if they have not matched the memorable success of the original one with Bipasha Basu, and have all interest in the future to borrow again the way of their family fantasy film, just about passable.