Quantico Season 3 - Three Characters Will not Return

Priyanka Chopra confirms the launch of the Quantico Season 3 through her Instagram. I do not particularly jump of joy when I hear that the Quantico producers are giving a sequel to the series. It was a long season 2 with narrative arcs having a taste of deja vu.

ABC gives a last chance to the program. Changes will be the length of the season shortened by half. 13 episodes against 22 currently. The showrunner Josh Safran, resigns and leaves his place to a stranger. The production costs will get reduced. We hope that this does not have a direct impact on the quality of the series.

The good news is that agreements are being signed so that it can be broadcast in its entirety on Netflix! Next summer we can discover the continuation of the adventures of Alex Parrish.

Do not waste a second in Quantico because you will end up not understanding what is happening. In Season 2, the lives of FBI recruits were completely transformed. In the first episode titled Kudove, things were much more complicated. And we realize the change in the timeline.

In a non-specific time in the future, Alex Shelby saw a man supposed to be dead, killed by himself. Soon after, we see an attack in several locations in Washington during the G20. It was by a group calling itself Citizens Liberation Front. What's going on?

The story begins a year before the events of the attack. Alex begins her training within the CIA, in a secret structure called The Farm. During a dinner, Ryan asks Alex to marry him, but at that moment both get named for their first mission. They lie back on the same team, as happened in the FBI.

Parrish thinks that the boy got recruited to spy on her again, but things are not so. The CIA and the Farm have to find out who they are. The viewer gets confronted with new questions. Who among these recruits is a traitor of the country? We know Lydia, an African American girl who sympathizes immediately with Alex.

The character of the two is the one the opposite of the other. While Alex has learned to trust people, Lydia creates difficulties. The FBI has taught her to act like a hero, but the agency's mission comes first, not her. The plot twist. Lydia is an instructor and all that so far she has told a lie.

Alex Parrish was the heroine of the first season. Quantico continues to leverage its physical character, Priyanka Chopra, focusing on her character. Alex is the American hero that relies on teamwork and on herself. Even in the events that happen in the future, she leads the game and try to save the situation during the chaos of the G20.

In conclusion, Quantico Season 2 has similarities with the structure of last year. There are new threats, flashbacks, and the usual drama between Alex and Ryan. Will these two find a meeting point?