Prime Minister Narendra Modi: The Indian Trump

Narendra Damodardas Modi is the Prime Minister of India, after winning the elections of 2014. Previously he was Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat. Narendra Modi, at 63 is also the leader of the nationalist conservative party BJP. Supported by the Indian industrial class, Modi, contrary to the dynastic pedigree of Rahul Gandhi, was born from a poor family, and the election campaign pointed out the contrast between the two in his favor.

Son of a peddler of tea, belonging to one of the lower castes of Indian society, Modi began his teenage political career by joining the RSS. Coating inside the RSS assignments progressively, Modi went quickly to branching more strictly in its political organization, the BJP and in 2001 becoming chief minister of the Indian state of Gujarat, and reconfirmed in the next three rounds of voting until 2010, before his appointment in the party's national leadership.

It is during the ten years at the head of the important western state of Gujarat that Modi has shown his exceptional gifts as a speaker, a charismatic and effective leader bureaucrat, projected nationally its leadership credibility, expanded its base of consensus, but at the same time it built a self-image that the experts are likely to be strongly divided, if not violently, the largest democracy in the world.

If his administration has been characterized by efficiency, liberalism and anti-corruption policies that have transformed the state of Gujarat in the context more favorable to growth and the country's investment getting the support of the metropolitan and Indian industrial class.

Narendra Modi served for years in the Hindu nationalist group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), of which the BJP is the political arm. Even the Western countries decided to put aside any ethical concerns and establish links with him. The leader from Gujarat is the most modern among the Indian politicians, as demonstrated by his great attention to social media and has more than 3.5 million followers on Twitter and for communication in general.

Born into a humble family of Gujarat his father sold tea at a railway station. Modi managed to climb the top of local and national politics in a country where membership of caste still plays a very important role. The BJP leader has become a successful model, and is able to exercise great fascination over the masses, so much so that his rallies brings millions of crowds together.

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His image is venerated by many almost the same way as that of a Hindu deity. The task he has to fulfill is challenging to say the least to bring India on sustained growth levels and make it a great power. His state, Gujarat, has been a model of economic development that is also popular outside the Indian borders.

Among the major successes claimed by Modi was the development of infrastructure and in particular, the electricity network and the simplification of bureaucratic procedures, resulting in a reduction of corruption. Compared to the rest of India, Gujarat has been marked by higher levels of governance which have favored economic development and earned Modi the support of Indian businessmen.

Modi has been able to create a very strong bond with India's economic establishment, making Gujarat the recipient of domestic and foreign investments. Critics accuse him for his authoritarian style. His rise, however, is strongly linked to the failures of the model of economic development adopted in recent years by the Congress party, which has now become synonymous with populism and corruption. The government led by Manmohan Singh has not been able to maintain the high expectations around the country in recent years, proving unable to adopt the structural reforms that India still needs.

Modi has built his image in stark contrast to the immobility shown in recent years by the Congress party and its allies. Known for being a tireless worker and an upright administrator, as stated by Ratan Tata, honorary head of the homonymous company said it gives him confidence to know that what Modi says will be done, then that really gets done.

With slogans like minimal government, maximum governance and government has no business to do business, the BJP leader seems to be able to also win the trust of the international groups.