Winner of MTV's India's Next Top Model

India's Next Top Model is an Indian reality show, based on the program America's Next Top Model, created by the American model Tyra Banks in 2003, where aspiring models compete with photo shoots, fashion shows and go-see for the title and the awards, which often consist of a contract with a modeling agency, a photo shoot for a famous magazine in the industry, cash prizes or promotional advertising campaigns. It was broadcast in India on MTV.

Several were the judges during the two seasons of the format. Alongside Lisa Haydon, who was the host of the program, there were in both the seasons, the fashion journalist Neeraj Gaba, the model Anusha Dandekar and photographer Dabboo Ratnani. In the second season, the jury remained unchanged. Pranati Rai Prakash was the winner of INTM Cycle 2, 2016

The show, broadcast as post-production except in rare cases of live finale or hearings, is divided into weekly episodes that tell the life of the competitors, set to share the same house and confronted in different tests. In almost all versions is planned, typically about two-thirds of the program and with five to six competitors only, a destination mostly international different from that of the first weeks. In some versions, the competitors also visit two to six different places.

Each edition of the show consists of a number of episodes with a cast of 10 to 30 competitors considering also the presets. In the first few episodes of the show, the finalists must almost compulsorily undergo the makeover, recommended or required by the program production. In each episode, the contestants face two challenges.

The first, involving an opinion by an expert (often external), it varies from being a fashion show, a test of acting, job interviews, sales of commercial products, or other acts in relation to the world of entertainment in the broadest sense, the end of which is a classification and score. The winner often receives some prizes like clothes, a night, or a benefit from taking photos in the following photo shoot; the reward is often shared with other competitors; on occasion with this test you can get immunity from the elimination to the next judging panel.

The second, however, it consists of a photo shoot theme (close-up photos, posing in a bathing suit, completely naked with an external model, with the animals, in extreme conditions sometimes replaced by a TV ad or the music video shoot. It is more important than the first challenge as the end product of this test is evaluated directly by the judging panel, establishing a position in the standings and the related risk elimination.

The final part of each episode involves the judgment of a jury of experts in the fashion industry. In addition to regular courts, sometimes there is a special guest judge on the theme of the week. On this occasion is shown the "best shot" personal photo shoot that the jury will have to assess.

India's Next Top Model

The elimination process follows a rigid format and they are called, in order of merit, one by one the competitors that were not deleted, they are given the weekly pictures often accompanied by a phrase of encouragement, or similar to the standard formula: "Congratulations. You are still in the race to become America's Next Top Model this depending on the country or region.

The best competitor of each episode receives from the possibility of having his picture well exposed in the internal rooms shared until immunity for the next challenge. The last two (three in the case of multiple deletions) competitors who were not called, instead, are invited simultaneously in front of the chief judge who will reveal - after giving some suggestions ritual as a competitor may continue competition. Generally, in each episode, a contestant is eliminated, in rare cases, this also led to a surprise double elimination or a no-no elimination.

The episode often ends with a brief summary of the career within the program eliminated, whose image vanishes from the group photo that shows the remaining competitors. In the reality show the top model is selected from finalists who continue the path to becoming India's Next Top Model after coming on top of challenges, photo shoots and commercials, where aspiring models vie for position every week in front of a jury, to get to become a single winner.

Top Model, sometimes even Next Top Model, is a US franchisee, present in 120 countries. Although the program is dedicated to aspiring models, some editions have opened their doors to men. In 2008, the 3rd (and final) edition of Supermodels saw the cast of aspiring models vie with a sort of parallel race since the winners would be two, one for general (as was even for the 5th edition of Vietnam's Next Top Model and the 1st edition Supermodels by Cătălin Botezatu). Differently, in other versions and editions, men like women competed for a single winner by location.

The first version, in these terms, it was the 2nd edition of OBN Star Model in 2010, which was followed in 2013 the 20th edition of the US (with the subtitle Guys & Girls until the 22nd - and last - edition); in chronological order and also by the 4th edition Vietnam (2013), the 6th edition Austrian , the 5th edition Korean (2014) and China (2015), the 7th edition of the Swedish (2014), the 4th and 5th Edition Polish (2014-2015 ) and the 9th edition Danish.

In many versions has seen participation in the cast of transgender without discrimination, for example in 2015 Loiza Lamers won the 8th edition of the Dutch. America's Next Top Model is a US reality show. The producers have been many during the long life of the program, among the main, in addition to supermodel International Tyra Banks, also the presenter of the program, Ken Mok, and Anthony Dominici. For personal reasons, the creator of the program stated that it can follow the show as a presenter but only as executive producer, giving way to the singer Rita Ora.

In reality, shows are selected between 20:36 semifinalists, diminished by 10-16 finalists who continue the process of becoming "America's Next Top Model"; including challenges, photo shoots, and commercials aspiring models vie for position every week in front of a jury, to get to a single winner.

For each edition, there is a scheduled international destination in the latest episodes and only joined by 5-6 finalists. The jury analyzes in each episode the weekly work of competitors, drawing up a ranking that will determine the best and eliminated the episode. Many are the judges who have ruled to support Tyra Banks, who also serves as a presenter in the race.

The first edition was flanked by Beau Quillian and Models Eliana Esposito and Janice Dickinson. Since the 2nd appears photographer Nigel Barker, while the 5th enters fully into the jury J. Alexander, applicant already as a catwalk coach in previous editions. Even the models Twiggy and Paulina Porizkova have lent themselves to certain editions.

The 18th edition joined the cast the fashion expert Kelly Cutrone. From the 19th edition to the 21st episode of the evidence score and judges were also introduced to the public vote. The current jury (22nd edition) is Banks, J. Alexander, and Cutrone. Sometimes the panels were featured various guests to give a further opinion as creative directors of the competition. The role is currently held by the Taiwanese Yu Tsai (21st-22nd editions), in the past by Jay Manuel (1st-18th editions) and Johnny Wujek (19th-20th editions).

During all editions, the prize for the winner is almost always consisted of a sum of money (100,000-150,000 dollars), a contract with a fashion agency, a photo shoot in a magazine and an advertising campaign similar to the sector.

Each elimination provides a ranking compiled by the judges based on various parameters. The presenter called one by one the competitors by score until leaving last pair (or trio) of which there is eliminated the bet. Several were the double eliminations, announced since the beginning of the episode, or as in the case of the 4th edition - Rebecca Epley and Tiffany Richardson - were eliminated both once a final ballot unexpectedly.

Other competitors were excluded outside of the judging panel weekly: Magdalena Rivas (3rd edition), Hannah White (11th edition) Rachel Echelberger (13th edition) and Terra White (15th edition). Several were withdrawals during the different seasons: Cassandra Whitehead (5th edition), Ebony Morgan (9th edition 9), Kimberly Rydzewski (10th diction), Amber Depace (13th edition), Ondrei Aroe (16th edition), Louise Watts and Alisha White (18th edition) and Maria Tucker (19th edition).

Two disqualifications occurred in several editions: Angelea Preston (17th edition), eliminated just after the final show in Crete for seemingly unknown reasons in the airing of the program. The revelation only months later, when the competitor filed a lawsuit with the production because the program would have won if it were not that the producers found out and did not share the activities escort girl, who alleged to have done this well before joining the cast. The other is that of Romeo Tostado (21st edition), suspended during an episode after the physical assault on Adam Smith.

With the inclusion of remote voting at the jury panel, it was also included in the repechage seasons from 19th to 21st, implemented in about half of the program. The repechage concerned: Leila Goldkuhl (19th edition), Alexandra Agro and Jeremy Rohmer (20th edition), Chantelle Young (21st edition). In the 22nd edition, however, the Dustin McNeer repechage was established through participation in weekly photo service of all competitors until then eliminated from the competition.

An important stage of each edition is the episode dedicated to makeover, a complete renewal of the look that applies to competitors in the first episodes of the final stage. Not always Popularity, especially among competitors (Cassandra Whitehead left the program), only in the 19th edition was given the opportunity to choose from, with its translation by Maria Tucker and Victoria Henley.

Ann Ward (winner of the 15th edition) holds the record for most number of best shots in the ranking of the judges at the judgment with 7/1 seats out of 11 panels.

Ann is also the highest winning (188 cm), while Eva Marcille (3rd edition), and Nicole Fox (13th edition) 170 cm high are the lowest. In other versions of the format the Ann altitude record was equaled by the winner of the 9th edition of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model, Lauren Lambert, and passed by Lương Thị Hồng Xuân, a competitor of the 6th edition of Vietnam's Next Top Model.

In the field of height, the 13th edition had as maximum 170 cm limit, subverting the fashion system, and was dubbed America's Next Petite Model, while the 22nd edition abolishes all height limits, carrying forward the slogan not too short, not too tall.

Some seasons have had a particular theme brought forward in a more or less explicit. The 9th edition in almost all the episodes have presented issues in relation to the environment and health: the smoking ban to competitors until the end of the competition (Rule also maintained in subsequent editions) the replacement of the limousine with a van, plus some themed photo shoots.

Other editions have instead seen a normal course of the program the revolution: the 17th edition, All Stars, saw the participation of 14 contestants selected from the previous editions; The 18th edition, British Invasion, in which half the competitors were former competitors of the English version, Britain's Next Top Model ; The 19th edition, College Edition, the models were selected from the various colleges of the United States; the 20th edition of the format until the suspension, Guys & Girls, half the contestants are aspiring models men.

Several of the issues during the production decisions related to increasing the public's interest and diversity of the cast: the twins Amanda and Michelle Babin (7th edition); Heather Kuzmich suffers from Asperger syndrome (9th edition); the transgender Isis King (11th and 17th edition); the sisters Chris and Terra White (15th edition); Chantelle Young suffering from vitiligo (21st edition); Nyle DiMarco (winner of the 22nd edition) suffering from deaf-mutism.

Besides Isis King, the program has seen the emergence of another competitor transgender, Virgg (20th edition), but withdrew during the last phase of casting. There are several versions of other countries of the program attended by transgender competitors, like Adriana Mazarins in Italy's Next Top Model (4th edition) or Loiza Lamers in Holland's Next Top Model (8th edition), which also is also the first and only winner transgender of the format.

There are also many competitors who openly declared themselves homosexual like Ebony Haith (1st edition), Kim Stolz (5th edition), Megan Morris and Michelle Babin (7th edition), Lulu Braithwaite (13th edition), Kayla Ferrel (15th and 17th edition), AzMarie Livingston (18th edition), Cory Wade and Chris Hindorff Schellenger (20th edition), Will Jardell (21st edition) and Bello Sánchez (22nd edition); bisexuals, however, Nicole Borud (3rd edition), Michelle Deighton (4th edition ), Leslie Mancia (6th edition), Elina Ivanova (11th edition), Laura Lafrate (18th edition) and Romeo Tostado (21st edition). Nyle DiMarco (22nd edition) said she was sexually fluid.

The show was mentioned in many television series including Greek - The Brotherhood, The Big Bang Theory, Raising Hope, Jessie and Family Guy. The program E! True Hollywood Story has dedicated an entire episode to ANTM interviewing some competitors of old editions (Kim Stolz, Camille McDonald, April Wilkner, Mercedes Scelba-Shorte, Ebony Haith). Oxygen Network has broadcast a series of documentaries under the title Top Model Obsessed, with the participation of Lisa D'Amato, CariDee Inglese and Bianca Golden.