GoPro Karma Drone Review, Price, Release

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It was expected for months and was in a certain way leaked in recent weeks and now GoPro Karma, the first drone obviously meant to be used with the new Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session is official and it seems to have all the cards in order to bring the big company in the category of small remote-controlled aircraft.

In the video presentation Nick Woodman is very clear: you should ask yourself why should I not wear GoPro Karma with me instead why should I take it. And portability is at the center of Karma; it bends and enters a case which can be carried on the shoulders like a backpack. Controls are kept to a minimum on a remote control that closes clamshell and offering a touch display on top while joystick and buttons are at the bottom.

Therefore you will not need a smartphone to start flying and there are simplified controls for takeoff, landing, return home and the many pre-programmed paths as the dronie from the selfie drone, orbit and on cable cam to filming on a line. It is not clear how the drone GoPro keep track of the location, though with GPS, computer vision algorithms, or both.

The cam is housed on the drone via a gimbal mounted in a channel accessible from the front of Karma; among other things, this accessory is removable and separately usable as any other motorized gimbal. Nice idea though Yuneec had already been adopted in the past.

A gadget that is really interesting on paper and is placed with pride to the end consumer in fierce competition with DJI Phantom. The Karma costs $ 799, the kit with Black Hero 5 $ 1,099, while that with Hero 5 Session, $ 999. Soon there will be more details on pricing and availability on the official website, but be aware that soon, probably next week DJI will respond with its folding drone, the rumored Mavic.

Nicholas D. Woodman, GoPro mr, enters as a star among the screams of its employees. He bursts into the conference room set up in Squaw Valley, four hours from San Francisco, in gray T-shirt and with his air of American boy full of enthusiasm. Remember the mission of the company that he founded in 2002 and which effectively invented the concept of action cam: Record all of their lives, from the everyday to the extraordinary." To do two new camcorders have been realized.

The Black Hero 5, comes out in early October for $ 399, is underwater for up to ten meters, can shoot in 4K, has the image stabilizer and GPS, three built-in microphones, capable of taking pictures at 12 megapixels, with a new interface and ability to manage it voice commands, also in Italian. and obviously the touch screen in addition to the integrated wi-fi, for which photos and videos are automatically saved in the cloud, as long as you pay a subscription of $ 4.99 per month to GIPRO Plus service.

The other action cam is the mini version, called Session 5, evolution of Session launched last year and costs $ 299. Always log in 4K, it is water resistant, it manages with voice commands and takes pictures of 10 megapixels. We do not make products, we are a company that is based on shared experience, Woodman points out. And to do that now serves a drone, Karma. Quadricottero compact. He has a stabilizer which attack the GoPro, which if necessary can be removed and hand carried.

The control system has two joysticks and one to about seven-inch display. All for $ 799. But without cameras. If you add 5 Session you get to $ 999 with Hero 5 in 1099. Prices in Europe, in a totally inexplicable rise again: for the Hero 5 they serve 430 €, for 5 Session 330. The drone alone 870 euro, 1200 combined with the Hero 5.

Here the version with the Session does not have a price. It will change everything with Karma, said Woodman. We'll see. Meanwhile, the stock quotes, collapsed to historic lows over the past two years from almost $ 100 to just under 10, has risen again. Mr. GoPro goes away deeply moved between hugs and handshakes, kissing the blondes, taken from his dozens of action cam.