Book Review: A Thousand Flamingos - Sanober Khan

A Thousand Flamingos Sanober Khan

A Thousand Flamingos by Sanober Khan is a very nice collection of 63 poems that are actually dictated by the heart and feelings where predominates the sterility of hearts in the dispersion of the values, including deceptive illusions of lost hopes, care for the soul and precious glimmers in the great furrows of the heart.

The collection of poems in short fragments leave to speak about the soul and the senses which are pleasant to read and full of clean sensations. It’s nice to read these verses that will transport you to another dimension, when you leave space to the heart and soul. Reading this book is to dedicate a beautiful slice of time to the feelings which seem to have disappeared.

The author with a dip in the soul takes a small journey with notes that border on the beat of the heart and brings out in all its shades, from the least to the most beautiful as feelings and memories that intersect in a bustle of verses, which are easy to read and understand because life is poetry that is in our existential dimension, with the voice of feeling and heart.

With simple, poignant lines, and a sharp sweetness the verses offer the touch of nostalgic memories, the elixir of youth, emotions in its purest form which exalt and hover in the air, coming straight to the heart and transporting the reader into magical dream dimensions, however, increasingly, profound and intense.

Amidst beautiful verses, with gentle musicality, the author embodies a fine poetic voice and is highly recommend to lovers of poetry. At times with the heart, sometimes with a clear logic of the mind, the author traces the boundaries of the images in front of her, creating from time to time deep emotional descriptions of the feelings that they hit, almost like you paint a picture of landscape that is observed.

There emerge a multitude of feelings that pervade the heart and mind characterized by a delicate, introspective voice that comes clearly to those who read which also reveal a careful lexical choice and care for the form of a lady looking through a window, who seizes the day, the moment, to enclose it in a casket of universal love that spreads in waves on the world.

The poet through a deep and careful opera turns into spirituality with the deeper meaning of existence with a collection that remains in the memories that give voice to the soul of the author as from behind a window with pearls of wisdom in a casket of precious words.

With its kind and heartfelt words, the author reveals exalted poems of nature and love, of what there is and what is not there anymore. One can feel the authors love for life amidst a myriad of stars that embraces hearts with the depth in lines are like soft music, full of feelings of inner gleanings which lay bare the soul and purity of heart that overwhelms even those barren rocks in the background.

The poems have an innate sweetness which warms the heart and the soul that reach deep, with a melodic echo that embraces life and is lost in a sea of endless emotions of a picturesque beauty, fresh, full of feelings, where the pain is annihilated in the force of words!

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 85 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Published: January 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182536654