Book Review: It Must've Been Something He Wrote

It Must've Been Something He Wrote Nikita Deshpande

It Must've Been Something He Wrote By Nikita Deshpande with forbidden feelings, inner struggles, the limits to be observed or broken, make this novel that is difficult to survive, without risking to hyperventilate with emotion and burst into tears of joy as there are no words that can describe satisfactorily the multitude of emotions that overwhelm the protagonists, bringing the two to engage in a struggle against themselves and the world, whose relationship is destructive and delicious, obsessive yet sweetly dangerous and at the same time incredibly romantic.

Amruta (Ruta) Adarkar, seems the classic decent young girl, but actually she is a girl on the run, who moves to Delhi to work as a marketing executive for a Publishing house and soon learns that the world of books is not as cosy as she would have imagined. Worst of all, she is stuck being a publicist for a moody and unpredictable Jishnu Guha, the charming self-obsessed successful author, with a sense of morality of his own, who has behind him a trail of fans.

Ruta immediately understands Jishnu, who has everything from which she vowed to stay away and is absolutely determined not to be fascinated by him. Jishnu is the emblem of perfect imperfection but has lots of aces up in his sleeve. Soon, Ruta faces some tragic events, which profoundly affect and traumatize her, which prevents her from starting to think Jishnu as a partner.

But when, because of all her troubles, she find herself having to need him for help, slowly she start demonstrating an unexpected mixture of sweetness and passion as only Jishnu will be able to give a headstart to the career of the girl, who is always on the run. Ruta will have to overcome her fears and choose to take the path that would lead to redemption but is very exciting that could make her happy as never.

Ruta and Jishnu are two meteors on a collision course, in whom you will find the presence of the most overwhelming feelings that will give a hard time to the temper of both, resulting in a beautiful ending.

This is one of those books that I had to ponder before giving my opinion as when I was asked to read this book, I was not sure on what to expect, and whether its is a romance like so many others on the square. But after having tasted the first few lines it was clear and in less than three pages of this book, the words started coming under the skin strongly and I could not help but love it.

I continued reading because the plot inspired me and is beautiful and as a first matter of relief I must admit that the author writes really well, as at some points I was tempted to leave the book and if I did not, it was only because she managed to be incisive, smooth and clear in the descriptions of the scenes, that is able to bring the reader right away in the character of Ruta, the narrator. This is the perfect book for those who want to get lost in a haunting and breathtaking story that will be able to torment you to the last page.

I loved this book for several reasons as the passion between the two is described in a wise manner that is pleasing and exciting and is a truly lovely novel. I really liked the character of Jishnu, a guy outwardly aloof from his surroundings, but a guy an extraordinary intelligence knows how to be at the top. I think the author knew very well how to characterize a character, who could easily threaten to turn into a stereotype.

Similarly I also liked Ruta, who has always accompanied Jishnu for most of the story with a nagging feeling of antipathy towards him, due to his attitude of indifference, detachment, for his coolness, however, when it reveals the reason for which she was forced to build around this armour, you inevitably feel for her a strong sense of empathy and try for yourself to be almost sympathetic.

The entire novel is a crescendo of discoveries, revelations, wrenching statements and setbacks that will take your breath away and that many of you will fall in love with. I can only say the book overall is nice and cute that will entertain pleasantly maybe under an umbrella or in the shade of a tree in the garden. The book is ideal for summer days, when we prefer a bit of dispassionate readings, but at the same time something intense.

ISBN-13: 978-9350099247 • Binding: Paperback • Published: 22 August 2016 • Publisher: Hachette India • Pages: 272 • Language: English