Book Review: Deadly Deceit - Karen Randau

Deadly Deceit by Karen Randau is a gripping breathtaking thriller with an unexpected and unique ending, that will keep you glued to the last page with an increasingly tense and engrossing storyline and a final perhaps understandable, but original and very well engineered.

The story starts with a cocoon of naiveté that shatters on Rita Warren’s thirtieth marriage anniversary, as she is passed immediately to the nightmare when a fanatic murders her ex-Marine companion Jared and thirteen other moviegoers.

Ensnarled in a conspiracy that puts her in an assassin’s crosshairs, Rita have got to work loose a muddle of lies and connections that date back to Jared’s service in the Iraq war, before a inexplicable captor returns Rita’s daughter Zoe, one body part at a time.

Without preamble or superfluous stylistic exercises, the narrative is dry and goes straight to the mystery and pain, which is capable of keeping the reader glued to the pages. The author succeeds without difficulty in developing a storyline and investigative mechanisms, tracing deftly the thickness of the characters without losing the rhythm and effectiveness in the story.

There is even a bit of passion and love, which are elements not necessarily required for the genre, but useful to give an extra touch of verisimilitude to the story. There is a lot of tension, in this thriller with a diabolical and chilling succession of twists, putting even m in turmoil that does not give up and leaves me breathless, until the end.

Evil has many faces to manifest with the author know how to describe them with force and originality in a ruthless novel that does not let up, which is hard, terrible, dark and haunting, like a dark abyss that opens up suddenly in front of you

The book is enjoyable enough that will certainly be one of those unforgettable ones, as you will read this thriller in discreet pleasure with a good twist at the end and even more beautiful pages with the words captures the essence of the book.

The story allows us to analyze deeply the fragility of a human being, the need to find oneself, the essentiality as well as freedom in a narrative as detailed as sliding, which is exciting and engaging, and certainly recommended to all those who can’t look beyond the boundaries of the thrillers.

At the end of reading this book, I can say that you will definitely not have the feeling of having squandered your time. This regardless of your reading time as it is a book that is very pleasing to both read carefully focusing on the details of the plot, perhaps during a trip by train or plane, because its storyline flows smoothly and can only arouse curiosity.

This noir that has everything to envy about the thriller writer, who has an imaginative pen, that is elegant and flowing and engages directly with the lights and shadows typical of this genre to give the novel that extra something that the reader will surely not expect.

The suspense created by the author is egregious with its indomitable narrative style and tone that will enthuse the reader from cover to cover. A book, then, that certainly cannot be missed in the library of this genre, with the novel, in any case is one of those to be kept under the Christmas tree for even the most ardent detractors of thrillers.

ISBN13: 978-1534976542 • Binding: Paperback • Published: 8 July 2016 • Publisher: CreateSpace • Pages: 302 • Language: English