Book Review: Bollywood Princess - Christine D'Sylva

Bollywood Princess by Christine D'Sylva is a dark romance and is like a puzzle, which you cannot stop reading until it is not solved. Then, only then, you can have an overall view to perfectly close the circle that is a bit like riding a roller coaster of emotions and feelings, which put on paper creates a unique story.

Leading Bollywood star, Sonia Thakur is a strikingly gorgeous, decadent lady single-mindedly driven by aspirations, who is living the sweet penetrating everyday life and in her own way the microcosm, while Nisha Choudhary, is a scribe and campaigner who believes her pen will bring about far-reaching changes in the Indian collective way of thinking.

Both of them had troubled childhoods, who had to grow up without their fathers. Among minor setbacks, delusions and outbursts, everything seems to be going well until their lives entwine with handsome enigmatic gangster Akash Ahuja, and his alluring nephew Ritesh, a real estate tycoon.

Soon the hands of fate decry otherwise, as the truth is very different for them in this astonishing thriller, with surprising twists, which gets revealed only at the end as both the ladies discovers that things are not as they seem. Will they still be able once again to get themselves out of trouble in which they are into?

The book rotates in their little frivolous universe to unmask' the defendants need to share their own life, the same premises, the same luxuries and whims and shed light on the darker side of human minds which not only tell a story of a cross-section of society and some social trends that are present today, the author in fact, gives us a narrative which is extremely contemporary.

A reading that has completely captured me from the very first chapters, especially from the time when the story of Sonia and that of Nisha intertwine and from then on, nothing could tear myself away from the book before I finished it. It’s also nice to see how thoughts and emotions are then filtered and altered by the passage of time and nostalgia, and has made it all the more poignant.

The book presents a meeting between people who have lost everything after falling in the middle of an endless ocean, an ocean in which there does not seem to have a light of hope but there will be the same people to find themselves, to rediscover and to love each other. I tried so many emotions at the same time that I was afraid to go back and discover that life is not beautiful for everyone.

In this book I have seen how a single moment can change in a tragic manner the lives of others as sometimes, unknowingly, we kill the soul of someone as often when we are guided by anger, hatred and pain we can not see more clearly hurting people.

The author has stolen my heart with her characters full of life, hate, anger but also so much love. It shows us that every story has many angles, other reasons that we had not considered, and that we must not stop to find out the truth. The writer says in a gentle manner, but directs that where there is hatred, love cannot exist, to leave behind all the rancour between the characters because only then they are able to have true happiness and understand the meaning of life.

A story of gruelling daily life of dramatic events, the book is a labyrinth where sometimes you will get lost in the pace, but have faith in the end, it will be worth it as the author narrates in a careful way the fake world that really exists within people, and the notions that populate it. The book, then, becomes, in this description, the queen of the contrasts where everything is spectacle, even the life and death until the protagonists find a way to renew the world around them.

The book has everything that you could want from a fantastic story, with beautiful women, muscles, crafty and bad guys, amorous passions and burning twists with irony and rhythm with a story of life and death, of darkness and light, of bad decisions and maybe even right, a story where everyone has to tell their point of view, where everyone has a reason.

The book has a simple style, in a naturally flowing narrative, with twists that can make your heart beat like crazy and make you want to know even more, to hear even more and to love much, much more than these bitter sweet characters with right amount of suspense, eroticism, power and romance in the characters that will capture you.

The book is recommended to all those who want to be abducted by a sparkling dialectic narrative and is a modern thriller in which the dramatic love notes and finally the melancholic notes create an absolutely beautiful symphony.

Publisher: Smriti Publishers ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-93-82303-64-0 ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Pages: 287