Book Review: Anya's Lyric - Nikhil Kumar

Anya's Lyric Nikhil Kumar

Anya's Lyric by Nikhil Kumar is a compelling novel of the fate of a pure and naive girl and the self-discovery through real eyes, which is full of pathos and emotional intensity, and is a novel with a lovely taste of truth and a full lightness of feeling, with a difficult and painful life of a girl narrated with great sensitivity and without any rhetoric.

Anya is a young girl like many others who has her dreams and fears of the world of adults and soon stumbles through her muddled life that gets undone at each step for her lack of ability to communicate, and has to suffer a variety of throbbing experiences and vicissitudes, as she discovers existence around her, which is mystifying and full of intrigue, from family to acquaintances.

Anya will have to go through decisive changes in her life between secrets, thrills, reality and fairytales as she gets forced by different events to realize, how her life constantly change as time passes and soon will begin her inner journey of research and discovery of herself that will help her cope, to live the life as a young woman and all the pain to change her fate for the better.

We get aware of the choices made by Anya in the course of her life, which have always been dictated by fear of the unknown, fear of going out of her shell and live for real but inside she really is a world waiting to be discovered, to be pulled out and be allowed to live.

The novel is a light, pleasant and delicate and a compelling read for a weekend after a week of intense engagement with the narration in its pages, just like a diary of a girl, who narrates the vents in her life, helping in this way to understand the way she cope with life. It was then that I realized how every single line of the diary was important.

Every word is a kind of clue or a revelation of something that was happening before us with Anya, where sometimes I do feel uncomfortable and at times vulnerable in a timeless book that seems to perfectly reflect the reality that even now girls live with a novel that touches ethical and psychological issues that drive us to reflect on the value of life and the courage to put an end to those that troubles us even if it means to hurt sometimes those who love us.

The reading is sometimes painful, but has an intensity difficult to forget with the sensations that are poignant that you will continue to think about Anya for a few more days in a novel that covers topics such as the vision of life, love, freedom of choice and the only one word to describe this novel is, its powerful.

This book gave me a sea of emotions, and is one of those books, that leave you something inside with questions, and above all that patina of nostalgia and regret that comes when you finish reading an intense book like this as Anya touched me with her zest for life.

This novel is about life, which is told with great delicacy and honesty but mostly about love, trust and tough choices of the kind that will break your heart, but that are part of life. I recommend this book to those who enjoy deep stories, the kind that leave you a mark inside.

ISBN-13: 978-1530307210 • Binding: Paperback • Published: 29 February 2016 • Publisher: CreateSpace • Pages: 180 • Language: English