Prize the Dark Knight - International Batman Day

Batman Day is celebrated worldwide with a whole day dedicated to the myth of the Dark Knight. The shadow of the most famous detective in the world will cover the whole world in a single unforgettable day as this year also will celebrate the Batman Day in the countries that publish DC Comics.

On September 17, 2016, fans of Batman repeats the chance to experience a special day with the Dark Knight, Gotham City, Robin and all the other cult elements that helped the legend. On this day, associations and comics organize parades, meetings, screenings and events dedicated to the son of Gotham, now a real cartoon icon, who has risen from the character of fiction as a symbol of justice.

In all the events that join the initiative, you will find a special promotional register with a limited edition published by RW-Lion to celebrate the vigilante of Gotham. It may be true that Bruce Wayne does not wear Batman cape anymore, nor remembers having ever done it, but this does not mean that he has freed the Dark Knight's burden.

On the occasion of Batman Day, 2016, has been published a special story in which James Tynion IV and Roge Antonio sketched a claustrophobic manhunt that was Batman. The day is also the perfect opportunity to do some comics shopping, in which there are discounts on all stocks tied to the universe of the Caped Crusader.

They were produced numerous video games on the character of Batman and the license has passed, over time, to many different manufacturers. On 12 January 1966 made its debut a new television series, Batman, destined to gather acclaim and success around the world. Transmitted by the US ABC, it saw Adam West assume the role of Batman, with Burt Ward (Robin) and Alan Napier (Alfred).

The series with three seasons for a total of 120 episodes, far from Batman Kane and Finger, was definitely inspired by the Batman of Sprang, a hero who also had room for a smile, while his opponents boasted increasingly abstruse plans and quite absurd and gigantic machines. Despite all these elements would create often a mixture bordering on the ridiculous or the farcical, the series was a huge success so much so that many tried to replicate it, starting with the Green Hornet, and still is mentioned fondly by fans of the character.

Batman has also starred in several animated adaptations. In 1968 the Filmation published a series of episodes in the container The Batman/Superman Hour. Initially, there were disconnected episodes starring both superheroes, but a year later, in 1969, the episodes Superman were cleared. Batman appeared in 1972 as the main character in two episodes of the cartoon Scooby-Doo.

Since 1973 Batman also appeared it Super Friends (Super Friends). In 1977 the Filmation created the new episodes, The New Adventures of Batman, who was again placed in series-container like Tarzan and the Super 7, Batman and the Super 7, The Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour.

In 1992 another Batman series was distributed, also known as Batman TAS or Batman: The Animated Series. The creators of this series, honored with Emmy Awards, were inspired by the atmosphere of the film of Tim Burton, adding a tasteful retro in some graphics options and a certain irony. The stories range from the fight against crime, with many historic enemies, to the police. In 1997 it was released a sequel to Batman TAS, Batman - Knight of the Night (The New Batman Adventures).

This series sequel features a different graphic style more like the animated series of Superman in the same period, with which it shares the filmmakers in the characters and costumes and colors, in general, the most obscure. Even the betting themes change, with greater attention to secondary characters and the appearance of Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing. In the United States, these episodes were then transmitted along with those of Superman in the container The New Batman/Superman Adventures.

In the same case, they were also present episodes that are part of the feature film Batman and Superman - The two superheroes (The Batman/Superman Movie), which have been broadcast on the series of Batman - Knight of the Night. In 1999 it was sent an unusual Batman series of Batman Beyond. Following ideal Batman, Knight of the Night, it sees an elderly Bruce Wayne guide a young and restless Terry McGinnis, in a hyper costume.

It is of 2001 instead of the series Justice League, in which Batman is part of a super team composed of elements such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and others. In 2004 they are created new episodes, under the name Justice League Unlimited. Also in 2004, a new dedicated animated series is transmitted to humans bat, The Batman, who takes many liberties with the classic plot, with many renovations graphics and narrative.

Bruce Wayne is one of the main protagonists of the television series Gotham. The story starts, precisely, with the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne in front of the eyes of the thirteen-year-son, and later show the investigation of the boy, helped by the young butler Alfred and Commissioner Gordon, to find the murderess. It is interpreted by the young David Mazouz.