Apple AirPods: Wireless Earbuds Review

Apple wireless earbuds AirPods

The latest news related to the iPhone 7 presented by Apple during the last keynote concerns a new audio accessory, dedicated not only to to iPhone, but also iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. The new Apple Wireless earbuds are called AirPods, that have the shape of the EarPods headset and connect via Bluetooth to devices.

New AirPods respond to the tap of your finger to activate Siri, answer a call or control music playback. In the heart of the brand new chip M1 beats headphones, dedicated to the management of the elimination of background noise and automatic pairing with devices nearby. The internal hardware features two accelerometers, two microphones and two infrared sensors to tell when the headset is placed in the ear.

The internal battery of this small and lightweight accessory (4 grams in 40 mm high) boasts a claimed battery life of 5 hours of music playback. The Charging Case sold together, instead ensures a charge of 24 hours, which will take place simply by inserting into the two headsets: 15 minutes of charging is equivalent to 3 hours of battery. A cable Lightning, included in the sales package, must be used for charging of the housing.

Apple says audio quality is on a par if not better than the current EarPods, despite the abandonment of analog connection. AirPods will be available from late October at a price of $ 159 in the US.

This time we'll talk, however, of the new Apple EarPods headphones, available for purchase in the Apple Store or online but above all included in the package of the new iPhone 5 and the latest iPod. The EarPods are the new Apple earphones that are provided with the latest devices of Cupertino, replacing the classic earphones that were previously included. But are these EarPods really up to expectations?

Apple EarPods Earphones with Remote and Mic are engineered by Apple to fit comfortably in any type of ear. The Cupertino company has claimed to have spent three years working on these new earphones that fit perfectly in your ear. Apple has in fact analyzed a large number of human ears to determine whether there was a part common to all. A part in common was found, analyzed and used to create the design of EarPods headphones. Compared to other models, they will be more comfortable for a greater number of people. It need not even push them inside the ear to secure them safely.

We start from the package in fact, speaking of the pack is an understatement. The package of EarPods doubles as a carrying case. In fact, by inserting headphones in the spaces provided, it will not only protect EarPods from shock, but also prevent the patch cords to connect with the iPhone from twisting forcing you to Napoleonic businesses to unroll it and use it.

The audio quality of EarPods is good, better than that of traditional earbuds, although not comparable with the one of the most famous and expensive semi professional headphones. With the integrated remote control you can adjust the volume, control music and video playback, answer calls and start the Voice Control or Siri.

The speakers inside Apple EarPods earphones are designed to minimize the loss of sound and optimize the audio output. The difference with the sound of the old Apple earbuds is substantial. In total, therefore, the EarPods headphones are comfortable, with good sound and obviously complement perfectly with the iPhone and other Apple devices.

Another point in favor of this product is the ability to buy this product individually or receive it free of charge along with a new Apple product. It will not be at the level of professional semi headphones, but the EarPods are definitely a major step forward compared to the past.