The Story of a Suicide Book Review

The Story of a Suicide by Sriram Ayer is a book with a social theme and is a kind of news story where the main character could be anyone just like your neighbour, a friend or an acquaintance. It’s an account, one of many which feel as if you have just seen it on television or read it in newspapers.

In the backdrop of a potent narrative and visuals, this attention-grabbing narrative through the stories of Hari, Charu, Sam and Mani, whose lives are interconnected in a mesh of adore, ardour, reprisal and pretence that aims to reach out to young folks, by verbalising their struggles through the tale, informing the do's and don'ts when they countenance challenges, and providing a stage to share their experience.

The book opens with a note: "Dear World, I am going to die. I am leaving. I am tired of fighting. I am tired of struggling to survive. I have finally made a choice today. Yes, I give up." Its a pounding phrase that accompanies you in reading and discover all that there is behind the life of a few characters.

From the beginning the chronicle unfolds in a logical and interesting manner, describing well, while introducing lifelike characters and realistic environments. With great skill the author has managed to transform it into an intriguing and engaging book in an ensemble novel, where all the characters that are part of this plot are gleaned, passed through a sieve and put under glass in the survey.

In this chronicle, the characters are affected slowly, and among many reflections are also very present on the point to which they can be pushed when circumstances crushes them and continues to tighten, to open a scenario we do not expect, because the time it is perfect to die is at the same time also perfect to start over.

The merit of the author is in creating a plausible narrative and the style just seemed to fit the yarn as the plot is really well structured and I find that the different characters are designed so well that seem real people that we encounter everyday.

The author has the power in his words to give voice the weakest. In this novel, with his expertise, his professionalism, he describes how far can characters go crushed by crises, who are obsessed by the moral dictates feels betrayed and abandoned. The chapters of the book are alternated between the characters, so we will discover their life and challenges.

The writing style of the author is simple, linear, and precise, who knows where he is going, and knows how to get to the heart. He knows how to convey emotions, fears, anxieties and manages to transmit all this thanks to the characters who are well characterized in all their facets and irony.