McDonald's McChicken Sandwich Recipe

mcchicken burger recipe

McChicken is a chicken sandwich sold by the McDonald's fast food chain in several countries. The bread is the same Big Mac and contains within it lettuce, mayonnaise and chopped chicken. In some McDonald's chains, the McChicken sandwich has been modified to be more pleasing to the tastes of the local populations.

For example, in Hawaii, the restaurant of McDonald's in Ala Moana Shopping Center has created the sandwich McTeriChicken. In Hawaii, in fact, the teriyaki sauce, is widely used and is consequently listed in the recipes of many sandwich products from McDonald's restaurants such as McTeri Burger. In some countries such as India, the McChicken is a chicken burger between two rolls covered with sesame seeds, and has a spicy taste.

Singapore, on the other hand, is a nation in which the McChicken is made ​​with a spicy flavor. The sandwich was called Cajun McChicken, but the name was later changed into simple McChicken in 2000, when the spices present in the recipe should have been reduced permanently or temporarily.

The McDonald's restaurants in Tucson in Arizona, Denver in Colorado, Corpus Christi in Texas and College Station in Texas sell a variation of this spicy and tasty sandwich, rightly called Hot & Spicy McChicken.

McDonald's Taiwan produce a similar variant of the sandwich, however, provided either with a traditional sandwich, both with a rice sandwich. In Australia and New Zealand, finally, the McChicken is sold with a roll covered with sesame seeds, lettuce and a slightly spicy sauce called McChicken Sauce. Initially the McChicken appeared in Australia as a promotional product but due to its popularity later became a fixed dish.

The sandwich was introduced in 1980, then removed to be replaced with other products of chicken; the success of the latter convinces the chain to reintroduce it, to become one of the standard products. The current recipe is more spicy McChicken original. In addition, in the United States, the sandwich is smaller than before, to fit the Dollar Menu , which offers products for the price of US $ 1.00. In Canada, where the McChicken is still in its original format, that in dollar menu is called Junior Chicken.

The McChicken cutlet was composed of 50% from poultry and 50% from dark meat. Beginning with the end of 2007, McDonald's began to advertise the McChicken contains 100% white meat.

I love fast food. Ok it is bad, but hell, that give satisfaction when you eat them? Who can resist a nice mcchicken? I absolutely cannot. But why not try to do it at home?


100 gm chicken breast
1 egg
2 tbsp bread crumbs
1 tsp pepper
1 bread for hamburger
1 tbsp yogurt sauce
Lettuce leaf
Salt to taste


Finely chop in mixer the chicken breast slices and stir the mixture with plenty of freshly ground black pepper. Form the burgers, wide and flat, run in egg and breadcrumbs. Heat a pan with oil and fry the hamburger.

In the meantime wash the lettuce leaves and arrange on the bread and put it to roast for 2 minutes under the grill of the oven with the inside of the sandwich facing the coil at the top.

Drain the burgers from the oil well and dab with paper towels to remove the excess and place the burger on a slice of bread, top with the remaining lettuce leaves and spread on the last slice of the bread the yogurt sauce for mcchicken.

Surely it is healthier, tastier but really similar to the original. This was a great experiment.