Book Review: This Time It's Forever - Aditi Ray Bose

This Time It's Forever by Aditi Ray Bose is not only a novel dedicated to the feelings with a pink hue, but in addition to the romantic mood, the nuances of this book definitely are much more introspective and intimate, and have to do with the ' I ' that every woman faces gripped by fear in a fear of not succeeding.

When Aisha Ahuja receives an SMS from Arunavo Banerjee, nearly a year after he had walked away from her, asking her for a start again, she is at first unable to make her mind up what to do other than she at the end of the day relents and needs to know for certain only one thing that he will stay with her forever.

Arunavo has no doubt about his feelings for Aisha. Life with her was more beautiful everyday and that's what scared him. How can he face a future in which he has everything to lose? With Aisha, his heart is in the game for the first time. But if he will not be able to keep the promise she needs, Arunavo is likely to see the fulfilment of his greatest fears of losing her forever.

As Aisha flies from Mumbai to Delhi, memories flood her mind when she could not imagine a life without him. And she re-lives her bond with Arunavo all over again, dissolving with her the pain of the past. She is both contemplative of what had happened in the past and also optimistic of the future.

At the end of this trip, Aisha will make another trip even more important, within herself, to try to understand what they really want and what she expects from the future. Aisha is the one that has to overcome not only the fear of the past, but it is mainly to give in to feelings, to trust in others, to regain self-confidence and be able to peacefully confront the disappointments and wounds of the past.

The journey of Aisha is therefore a real journey into herself, in which she will have to be sufficiently strong to fend for herself, without denying the joys of love. However, what unfolds when she finally sees him in the evening is something that is much unexpected that will also bring a lot of questions about their relationship and their future.

The final pages, in which Aisha finds out what is behind the fret amorous delusions of Arunavo, give the book a perfect ending. In typical style, it will give a worthy epilogue to the couple, which rather than an ending will be the beginning of a journey that will take them to the future.

A work dedicated to the unusual love that affects the age of reason, wisdom and tranquillity, but wipes out everything as a tornado. The tornado comes, strikes, passes and leaves behind it memories and reflections. And it is the insidious form of intimacy that arouses the storm, a sudden flowering of passions that bring new energy, but also more suffering in the life of the protagonists.

I particularly loved these two characters, and evidently many other readers like me will as they seek for answers to questions that keep lurking between our two heroes, and thankfully the author keeps it to the end for a nice surprise.

The lyrical lines are tasty as popcorns and are one of the strengths of this novel, which give the writing an impeccable elegance, as the observations stimulate reflection, which attempts to hazard partial answers to unsolvable issues.

The book is full of twists and reconnects all the wires properly concluding the situations well, where you will experience a range of emotions, from joy to melancholy. The author describes gracefully and thoughtfully, the nuances and the movements of the eyes and heart.

The book is recommended to all the incurable romantic, who always hope that behind the smallest experience is hidden, a new, wonderful start, but they should also have the strength to rely on themselves to overcome their fears.

Publisher: Authors' Ink Publications ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9385137570 ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Pages: 216