Book Review: Secretly Yours - Vikrant Khanna

Secretly Yours by Vikrant Khanna is a book which invent a new shade of pink, with this novel reminds us that it is always possible to learn to trust the love, the real one, that vibrates along with the body and the heart.

I could not wait to be able to dive into this new adventure, as I have loved madly his last book Love Lasts Forever. Imagine having the opportunity to take a step back, and be able to change your destiny. Imagine a dual life of fairy tales, during the day, and fears, at sunset. Imagine, then, to be able to recognize a love even before you knew it.

Turning to the plot of the book, we can say that everything revolves around two characters apparently, Sahil and Anya, as we relive with them their emotions, where passion is a profound journey because the head and mind can lie, but the emotions never lie. And this is what the author has tried to pass through the lines of his novel.

Almost an introspective story of a seventeen year old simple, honest and condescending boy Sahil, with his only fault being living a dual nature between dream and reality, which will lead him to confront a destiny as bizarre as it is disturbing, full of surprises and chance encounters that often, though, are risk shattering.

He has little interest in existence and realizes that his is not a perfect life as he has always held himself responsible for his parents' demise until he meets the enigmatic, beautiful, tenacious and self-possessed Anya in a chance meet during the Shimla fest. Soon he falls headlong in love with her, but Anya doesn't give back to his feelings.

An accident leaves him in a loss of consciousness and when he wakes up he makes a shocking find that he can read minds! Now he can discover out what goes on in Anya's mind, a young woman who seems to give new life and maybe, just maybe, make her fall in love with him but he does not know that from that moment on, he will undergo precisely the path to truth and also towards those dark fears that will drag him to face his soul to the end.

Anya, who falls at different stops with her fragile mood is not all she seems as she is hiding something by the visor of a normal blue that will continue throughout the rest of the way to discover her and without hesitation to a great and devastating final surprise that you will find at the very end of the book itself.

And as the story goes, many secrets are revealed as we come across twists that shake us deep. So tensions rise and with it grow the expectations that will never leave you disappointed. At the end of the games, when I close the last page, I’m caught in a whirlwind of emotions because the author gave us a magical and powerful dimension.

The author knows the way to make his characters special, to ship them get under your skin. And that's a fact. I firmly believe that he would be able to make even quantum physics look sensual and intriguing. I would say that the book gives us almost a perverse pleasure in putting black on white, while we poor readers identify ourselves in the body and soul of its protagonists as we suffer with them.

Sahil is a fascinating character. Some might call him eccentric, others a bit crazy, but you'll discover a sleek penetrating character. The author is very good in describing places and emotions and it happened to me several times to feel there with the characters and manages to convey feeling and pathos among black lines of this book.

The plot is of the kind that keeps you on hold consequently to discover the arcane mystery cleverly concealed and very discreetly right up to the last pages of this book and the most shocking sensation is that of being able to empathize really in the situation described and so hopefully when you get to the finale you will not able to hold back tears and even emotion for what happens to the young character.

The protagonist of this book faces a psychological war that will accompany him in the most important days of his life and he will become a man capable in the end to face all his fears even the most hidden and the most obscure spiritual and that grip the soul making it vulnerable and insecure to the limit.

Suggestions, hints, whispers from the past and what needs to be forgotten for a suffocating final in which freedom becomes just a word devoid of holds, become like a cell with slippery walls and dirty when no one will come to save if the ghost is inside your head and is the son of your own condemnation.

The author manages to tell us much more than a simple love story, and manages to show the fear that exists that does not exist outside of rationality upon leaving the creepy feeling that none of us is safe because our mind is like a path that eventually can tilt. In conclusion, a gripping noir novel as tense, exciting, mysterious and touching.

Publisher: Penguin Books India ♦ Published: 16 June 2016 ♦ ISBN-13: 978-0143425915 ♦ Language: English ♦ Binding: Paperback ♦ Pages: 180