Book Review: One of the Few - Jason B. Ladd

One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot's Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview by Jason B. Ladd takes us on a journey on which few would embark in real life as the author do not hesitate to choose a witness of his reflections on the unfolding of his life in society and the religious experience that has characterized his transformation.

An US Marine fighter pilot, Jason B. Ladd realizes that while he's ready to shield his nation, he is not ready for his most significant decisions as a husband and father and embarks on the supreme assignment in the quest for truth. Ladd pulls from his wide-ranging armed training to tender a convincing argument for the Christian faith, as he warns seekers to keep away from devout indifference and offers valuable Christian strategy for withstanding spiritual attacks.

The viewpoints, which make up the chapters of the book, are not structured so cold or is purely academic and does not just bring the answers from his soul but it gives us the chance to see a bit more of his personality and charisma. But we must add that this is not a book offering well-structured and indexed answers, but the composition is more like that of a novel.

The book is an incredible concentration of grape fruit entirely dedicated to the study of these issues. The author offers us an opportunity to stand face to face with some real wells of knowledge to ask whatever we want to know. We can add the fact that the author enriches with anecdotes and interesting details that make the book sliding and the reading enjoyable.

The book is really fantastic and responded to many dilemmas that gripped me for some time, and opened me to a world I did not know much more lively and varied than I was used to. This remarkable book reveals a wealth of information to confirm Christian faith. It, indeed, is its raison d'ĂȘtre as it reveals the intent stated in its brief introduction, to contribute to the maturation of the author in the faith.

The values the book attempts to promote builds that solidarity among the different planetary coexistence that can make liveable and that relationship with the law by which both obedience and grace symbolize mysteries and miracles, which requires in-depth exegesis as an essential tool despite its limitations.

The author lay out the evidence for the truth in logical order and in a readable non-technical addictive style. A great help for those who are interested in examining the reasonableness of the Christian faith, the author provide a challenge to the firm earlier beliefs of doubters and sceptics

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Boone Shepherd ♥ Pages: 318 ♥ Published: October 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-0996538404