Book Review: Emerald Blades - Reijul Sachdev

Emerald Blades by Reijul Sachdev is an extraordinary book of poetry that will leave the readers with joy of discovering the masterful potential of the human mind, in intimate relation with the mind of the poet. There are also many poems, in which this feeling is presented with its ups and downs, as occurs naturally in everyone's life.

There are often a starting point for formulating poetic reflections on life, about suffering, about joy, about love, about friendship, but even in these cases, apparently it is easier to manage from the poetic point of view. The author implements the flights of fancy and delivers readers a lyrical dimension that is completely absorbed by the deepest fibres of the soul of the reader.

The author instinctively follows the movements of the soul that allows you to toggle the dream, the desire, the nostalgia, the happy moments spent and the memory that comes back to turn up as if to underline, at times, distance between the past full of positive emotions and this arid, full of existential loneliness, and other times as if to make up for the lack of the pleasant atmosphere of the old days, softening as well as present moments.

Then there are the more philosophical poems, where the author continues its painful quest to snatch at least a glimmer of the meaning of existence, within a universe of which you are but an infinitesimal part that makes us part of his greatness.

The author, in his new anthology, chose this way and so left that remain, while availed of the other half to give voice to the possible conjectures that half hushed from time to time, and the melancholy that shines. It is a silence that lives of their own force, declined to the positive and translated into the inner wealth it produces.

It does nothing, the poet, to withdraw from the depths of the words that intimate suffering is difficult to express, but that is common for many aspects of human beings, and therefore, gives way to his sensitive soul and make it their own, as well, to clarify it.

From this brief introduction, it already takes the poetic intention of the author, who fully assume the function of the poet and, therefore, illuminate what demands an explanation, a meaning, and try to analyze from multiple perspectives doubts, questions, mysteries, pain and, in short, everything to do with the universal existence by giving it a possible, but not unique, nor exhaustive interpretation.

Beyond the title of the whole anthology of example, what is striking at first sight are the titles for each poem and it is interesting to see how they are then filled with meaning in different senses which, in most cases, already embodies the overall sense of poetry. This wealth then substantializes in several poems, crossed by a musicality and harmony that will guide you through almost immediately understandable, if not the deepest sense, at least the atmosphere embodied in the form.

The poems sometimes alternating with sevenfold, as the best ever exceeded classical tradition, is to break it, so that it looks stopped thinking and to take breath, tending to mask the hendecasyllable, almost always present, hinting at a voice that best supports the rhythms and, once again, the same understanding.

But I would now like to emphasize a particular characteristic of the poet, which permeate his work as reading his poems, one will ask, almost in disbelief, how he manages to introduce the universe, in its many facets, within a short poetic composition. It almost seems that his mind is able to contain it, to bring to the surface and show its readers what the subject of his fantastic and imaginative vision is.

The silence, sometimes, is gravitate of words whose sound is that of a universal language with words that come to his lips, and there they stop, or in the soul where they are held in great turmoil, but not daring to spill over. Through the unsaid words, the silence takes so hard stand as sentinel of the highest tower of life and that casts its shadow on everything that you would like to say and instead is silent.

The poet, however, is not allowed to live in the shadow of silence. He has to assume the responsibility and translate it into poetic words that are urgently needed inside but without any invasion of the field, in fact, in more polite form than the silence of others.

There is much more to say to present fully this rich and interesting poetry anthology, but I will conclude by stressing how the author has a great ability to capture small signals, not only from people's lives directly or indirectly known, but also from presence of objects and things that might seem insignificant and that he instead filled with life and meaning, especially in analogy with their own or others' experience.

It’s as if he could make present to each player, who wanted to immerse themselves in his poetry, the stereoscopic appearance of his soul, in whose depths to discover, together with him, unimaginable treasures that live there but always taking us by hand with mild and sometimes even with slight irony, even when it presents images of pain because it is able to release the pain itself from the notion of mystery, making it alive, palpable, and with effect of strong and immediate emotional participation of the reader.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 148 ♥ Published: 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352015955