Adventures in Endurance: Anu Vaidyanathan

Adventures in Endurance by Anu Vaidyanathan is a book on the inner journey of an athlete that reflects the concerns that we all have, with a story of strength, inevitable courage, told with simplicity to those who want to know now how a woman athlete survived a long, painful, exhausting adventure, who challenged the morality common to demonstrate the equality between men and women.

Anu Vaidyanathan is a girl born to race, who was the first India based athlete to participate in Ironman triathlons and the first Asian woman to complete Ultraman Canada, a gruelling 10 kilometre swim, a 420 kilometre bike ride and an 84.4 kilometre run. She was placed sixth, but this does not seem to break up the possibility of achieving a form of happiness.

This book tells the story of a young woman who followed her passion on a maze of streets of Bangalore and across several Indian cities, whose fate then took her to America, who knew how to manage it and overcome it, not once and for all cause that would be against nature, but had the courage, tenacity, skill and wisdom, for nothing in the world will stop her to succeed.

Step by step, country after country, the reader accompanies Anu on her journey, enduring with her physical and moral fatigue, tiredness and the temptation to surrender, opposing the desire for redemption and freedom, the accolades and also the many disparagements.

A very honest book that you cannot miss in your library that recounts the journey made by a great champion, who first of all is a human being protected by a family that is able to build a miraculous affection space around her, with her dreams and her fears, but with an ambition to redeem the effort, hostility, the stern face of her acquaintances, the silence in which women are hidden and the threat that can stop those same legs.

A beautiful book, in all respects that reflects the reality and the difficulties women in sports in India and many other parts of the world encounter, and describes flawlessly, which could or should be the approach towards a goal and above all, what could be the path to deal with the inevitable difficulties to achieve the desired results.

The author has written in the smooth imperative of the narrative needed this book that no imagination could create, that creates a vertigo, which can be read in a flash. But I think I'll read it again, to reflect on some passages that impressed me as the narrative adorns the transparency, the pale blue hues, the melancholy and the grace that only adolescence visited by hope and by the temptation of the future knows how to find a natural way, with kindness.

The author weaves the text and illustrations with words that makes it alive, intense and touching in each page. The text is long, organized into chapters, with the journey itself is epic and with an attention to detail that makes it attractive.

The author not only manages to bring back track, who does not just want to put your body in the footsteps already pounded, but tell a story of a girl first and then the young woman, who is not afraid to be alone with her talent and with her soul. No makeup, no sleight, the book narrates only the simplicity of the thoughts of a young lady.

Format: Paperback ♦ Pages: 176 ♦ Publisher: HarperCollins ♦ Published: June 2016 ♦ Language: English ♦ ISBN-13: 978-9351775249